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Written by Owner and creator of The Orb. on Jun. 9, 2018
Would love to here from the 60 to 100 viewers that come here weekly. You are a special person that I wish to know.
Written by Sis on Jun. 9, 2018
Love you
Written by CANADA Jean P Slater on May. 8, 2017
Blessings sent to you & Peter. My goal today is to be happy. My memories of yesterday brings love to my heart and a smile to my face because my goal yesterday was to be happy.
Written by TLC-Telsie on Jan. 31, 2017
It has been an honor to write and post my life journey to help YOU in any way possible. May you be blessed in many ways and find the perfect life for yourself, as I am blessed to share with you.
Written by Jason Stephenson on Nov. 23, 2015
Hello Telsie, lovely to see your page here and your contribution of peace and love to all of society.

I wish you so much joy!
Written by Alynda on Aug. 19, 2014
My Dear Telsie,

I was deeply moved by the offering of energy you have given to the creation of this website. I found your words of truth very comforting, your graphics, and the pyramid extraordinary. Thank you for these tools of transformation. I found the pyramid easy to step inside. I really am speechless at the extraordinary nature of your presence and the energy flow and accessibility of the pyramid and website you have created...

Thank you soooo much!
Be blessed always,
In love and light,

Written by Serenity on Mar. 10, 2014
Hi Telsie,

I have just read about your experience with Osteoarthritis and how it affected your life. I also had similar problems myself with the same disease as well as chronic sciatica and couldn't walk at all and I too had to use self healing as prescription medicine made my health worse. Although I am in a better situation since I was back in 2010 I am still trying to get to an even better place with my health issues and will not give up until i am satisfied I have done everything to the maximum capacity. I just wanted to say that I think that your method of healing was a really good way of doing it by looking at it from being a baby. You are such an inspiration and give other people hope of improving their health issues after sharing your experience. I wish you a happy, painless, immensely wonderful journey to peace.
Blessings in Abundance
Written by TLC-Telsie on Mar. 6, 2014
On this first anniversary of TheOrb – I wish to thank everyone for their positive feedback and support, encouragement given to continue.
We all have a life journey that has many twists and turns. It is important to remember that the Journey we travel brings about the success and lessons in our daily lives.
My journey is shared in hopes to encourage and help YOU on your path.
Be at Peace, Be the Love and Be the Light each day in your personal journey.
Do you have a story to tell, something that changed your life? Would you be willing to share it? I will be willing to post it on TheOrb.
Love you as you are and as you will be
Written by alynda on Feb. 6, 2014
Thank you for your words which are totally awesome and have brought me to the new place I am seeking. Love and peace, alynda
Written by Linda B on Dec. 5, 2013
It is always a joy to read your ORB
Written by Linda B on Jul. 28, 2013
Best of luck on your journey of healing. With your will and determination, I know you will succeed!!
Written by Cheryl on May. 22, 2013
Telsie, you are such a gift to touch my soul with your insightful words of love & understanding just when I needed to be reminded of who I am. Bless you for sharing & for your special friendship.
With much love & friendship, Cheryl xxoo
Written by Cobalt on Apr. 6, 2013
Your site is lovely, Telsie! Thank you for sharing. Glad to see that you found SL.
Written by Ellie on Mar. 27, 2013
You always cease to amaze me my Sister. Your kind words to all especially open our minds to the wonderful world we live in.
Love to you and Guy who is also your inspiration. Love you much
Written by FloJo on Mar. 18, 2013
Very nice! Congratulations and keep up the great work! Mahalo nui loa!