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The ‘ORB’ is a place to meet and greet friends around our small world and share a thought. Place your country first, then your name: i.e. CANADA: TLC – Telsie We respect your privacy and this sight is not connected to any other web site or Facebook. PRIVATE NOTICE ON UPDATES: If you do not want your e-mail address posted here, would like update notice sent to you directly, e-mail your request to with a request that you wish updates for The ‘ORB’

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Written by Linda Barbagallo on Mar. 12, 2013
Canada: Linda & Alain

Alain & I are truly amazed at your many talents...The Orb is definitely one of them!!
Written by USA: Alynda on Mar. 9, 2013
My Dear Telsie,

I was deeply moved by the offering of energy you have given to the creation of this website. I found your words of truth very comforting, your graphics, and the pyramid extraordinary. Thank you for these tools of transformation. I found the pyramid easy to step inside. I really am speechless at the extraordinary nature of your presence and the energy flow and accessibility of the pyramid and website you have created...

Thank you soooo much!
Be blessed always,
In love and light,

Written by Kuanyin on Feb. 20, 2013
Beautiful website! Congratulations!
Written by TLC-Telsie on Feb. 19, 2013
Welcome to The ‘ORB’ I look forward to sharing with you and answering any questions to the best of my ability. Help make The ‘ORB’ a safe place to share positive, uplifting thoughts. Love you the as you are and as you will be, forever more, the ‘ONE’ in all That IS.

Written by Alan Drew. on Feb. 19, 2013
Thank you for doing this.You will help many people as you have helped me. Love and Blessings. Alan.
Written by Mariana on Feb. 19, 2013
God/dess Bless You! May this be a stunning success.