What is the MIND and how does it work with ‘YOU’

The MIND is connected to the brain; however, it is undetected by any instrument.  The MIND is free to wonder, explore and create. It is the elusive part of the brain that has the capability to receive telecommunication instantly. It is also one of the most talked about yet totally invisible part of the human body. If we are created in the image of the Divine God/dess, then it must be the MIND that is created in that image having the power to heal, to travel and to create.


June 6, 2010


          As always, I started my meditation by greeting the elementals surrounding our Earth, inviting the “I AM” Creator, Goddess Mother, and God Father, into a flow of energy that has been set up to flow continuously through us all. Being only the conductor for this stream of energy, each day I am giving an idea to place into the stream. These ideas, words, are calling for the resolve are a gift from the divine, I only focus on them, and when ready they enter the energy stream.

                For the most part, my meditations follow a set pattern and it is only at the end, occasionally I am given something different to think about, something that would assist all at this time.   

                I have noticed that at times my hands and arms would shake. Having asked why this happens to me, I was told that my energy vibration level must be raised to meet that of the ONE wishing to channel information to me. While at the same time, the ONE is lowering the vibration field to communicate with me. Today, the shaking in my hands and arms extended to the shaking of my upper body and head also. With confidence that I would be fine, I focused on the main part of my message and prayer that was being sent out. It is to end all wars, have Peace on Earth, and raise the human consciousness higher so that we are able to maintain the Divine Perfection for which we were created. (I often wondered why we do not have Peace, with so many praying for Peace, why did the wars continue to rage over the Earth.) Thinking of June 21st. and World Peace and Prayer day, I believe that this was my query as the question went out for peace once again. 

              What happened at the end is comprehensible, however, now it is unsure to me as to how we get to the place with no conflict, wars, hatred, jealousy, greed, and controlling factors. I can only pray and ask that the I AM Creator, Goddess Mother, God Father will continue to guide us over the next years so that what was presented to me will occur. 

The Vision and words, spoken by the I AM

                With my body vibrating at a high level, I kept my inner vision on the scene. These scenes played very fast and moved through years of life upon the Earth in a few moments.

First Scene:         The wars around the world had ended, and people had the feeling of joy and comfort as they went about their daily chores. The children were playing and running about freely as everyone seemed to be watching over the youngsters. 

Second Scene:     Back to the time now, wars were still raging and people showed their anger over these wars. Protesting, screaming, and throwing stones. Hatred was the overall feeling of this energy. 

Third Scene:       A few years from now, the council of people were achieving a foothold towards an accord that would bring about a resolution to the world problems through open and honest dialog. Harmonizing energy was the feeling to this scene.

Fourth Scene:     Took me back to the first scene, however, a few years of peace had gone by, I felt there was a non-committal, a non-existence, a non-feeling to this time. Apparently, with no goals to work toward and nothing of interest to motivate the people, progress was halted and education became stagnant.

“Why?” I asked

“The human race needs to learn to overcome all forms of conflict, negativity, and living within these confinements it takes some time to progress towards a world of peace”.

“However, you have lived through a small part of seeing what the future will be like”.

“Human Race will always need challenges to continue to be motivated to grow in knowledge and gain the wisdom needed to maintain a stable playing field. A conflict is a form of teaching in learning what opposites are and how they interact within the whole. There will come a time when this learning curve will be accomplished and what is seen now with wars, guns, killing within the wars and in the cities will be one of the greatest learning curves that the human race will learn from and overcome. In doing so they will set up a challenging system, were collectively different areas of the world will send out a question and others will rise to the challenge and solve the problem. As each new observation is recognized, they will achieve a higher level of understanding. Then the next question or solutions sought after will be put into play and the minds will focus on that. It will continue rising the mind power and all other negative conflicts will dissipate completely under its own weight. Every time a resolve is achieved, all parties will benefit from the outcome.”

“You said that I lived through something like that”.

“Yes, when your oldest child was in her last two years of public school, she was with a group of students, which became partners in learning. They motivated each other to do better and to assist others to attain higher standing. They never felt lesser than or greater than their partners in learning. They were equal, always striving to motivate the other to go further. The department heads of the school would not break them up in their last year, as they normally would with all students. They kept this group together to observe them and to gain insights to one of the best and perhaps a once in a lifetime achievement to be a part of teaching them and learning from them. You remember the dynamics the teachers spoke to you on this. 

                That is very similar to the nucleus that will be attained in the future of the human race. Everyone will be so involved in the solving of questions/problems and researching new inventions. Everyone will completely benefit from the outcome and no framework will be strong enough to hold up to war, negativity, or vengeance, it will collapse under its own weight. Everyone will be excited to push forward and rejoice in any breakthroughs as if they had done so completely on their own.”  

“I can see that this may be a long time coming, perhaps a few generations”?


Fifth Scene:        A world filled with excitement, joy, and wellness fills all hearts. Health is great, stress is nonexistent, friendships flourish, and progress in all areas is constantly being commended and honoured. All countries are working together, all races respecting themselves and others equally and honouring their differences; this truly is “Peace” achieved on planet Earth. The knowledge base of the human race had excelled to a greater awareness than ever attained before.  

“Patience” Continue to work on raising the collective consciousness and fuel the energy with positive reinforcement to gain success for the human race. Peace will come, but first, the greater good shall be served by learning what Peace truly is. “Patience is the Key”.

I remember a song that had these words in it – “Be thankful for unanswered prayers”. Until the time comes when we can fully understand as to why things are the way they are, I guess for me it will be to live in the moment and not to fret over what is or what is not. From what I understand, that if we were to be granted Peace Now, may not be the best for the future generations. I fully have not gotten my thoughts around this completely, but I will continue to pray and work on raising the collective consciousness and hope to bring a greater understanding to others and myself.

Be at Peace within your heart, Be Love and Be the Light unto all.



 June 7, 2010

A few hours after morning meditation this thought floated in my consciousness…

“Humans are not ready for Peace for they would languish in their ways and become lethargic with no motivation to move forward in thinking and gaining knowledge to progress the species.”

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."
Albert Einstein

Continued thought . . .

"Observation" A Deeper Understanding

                From my book “The Soul” by Telsie Boese and  the book “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown

                As my husband read “The Lost Symbol” to me every night, we both thought it was not a page-turner like “The Da Vinci Code” was, by the same author. It lagged in so many places, to the point most nights I fell asleep. I could not wait for the book to end. Then on the last chapter, the reason for this book emerged and I heard what it was that I was waiting to hear.

                As the title of the book suggested we would be directed to know what “The Lost Symbol” would be.

                I have said many times at services, have written the following thoughts in my book “The Soul”, and through an observation from the writings in “The Lost Symbol” an explanation became dramatically clear to me in what I had spoken of many times and placed within the pages of “The Soul”.

“The Soul” pg: 117

“That we can manifest all things through a greater understanding. That we are the ones we have been waiting for. This knowledge is a gift of divine power from within and is to be used for the highest good of all creation. This is the awakening gift from Divine Source that will suspend the controlling fear factor,

helping the personality/soul move into their rightful place of Divine Creation. This information will strengthen the belief that “All is Possible” and through the direct link to Source Creation we can and will create our world deliberately for the highest good for all”.

 pg: 137

“We are the ones that we have been waiting to guide us toward the awakening of our inner peace”.

Due to copyrights – I will not quote from the book – “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown

In the last chapter of “The Lost Symbol”, I found greater meaning to what I have known. You may wish to read the last chapter if you have the book. You may also request more information from me by e-mail. mahalo22@eastlink.ca

“The Soul”

Pg. 18

(Life Experience) = (Knowledge)

(Knowledge) = (Wisdom)

(Understanding that Wisdom) = (Truth)

pg. 22

If you are learning to play an instrument?

What do you need to do to become proficient at playing an instrument?

  • Take weekly lessons.
  • Practice each day, 30 minutes minimum, up to one hour or more if you wish.
  • Be tested.
  • Do performances, enter music festivals.
  • Believe in your talent and ability to be a great musician.

 What is the most important instrument that you are learning to play on Earth?

The answer is . . .

 “The Humaninsky Selfny” or “Youdoitforyourself” or “The Human Mind” or “YOU.”

          By practicing the skill of direct linking, just as you would practice if you were learning to play a musical instrument, soon, you will be in control of your power and your destiny. Learn what works for you that will allow you to have that direct link to the Creator God of your understanding. Practice makes perfect and by practicing your linking skills, you will be able to trust your inner knowing, that inner voice that will be the best guide for your life to follow. We all look for guidance; why not look to the one inside of the personality known by you as YOU.

You have the Power.

Piecing all of this together:

In the book “The Lost Symbol” it eludes to the fact that what we have been searching for is within our body, it is the brain and the mind. The Brain has two parts and the spine has 33 vertebrae, some say also refers to ‘Jacobs Ladder’ 33 steps to the ‘Holy Temple’. This is why my researches lead toward the brain and how it would correlate to being the sanctuary the ‘Holy Temple’. The temple then does not become something that is needed to be a physical building to be built but that it ‘IS’ already built within each person, it is our Brain and our Mind.

The Meninges covers the brain and the entire length of the vertebral column. Meninges (Dura Mater – Arachnoid Mater – Pia Mater) The Pineal (cone shaped) gland sits just above the Spinal Cord that is protected by the Meninges. It appears that any secretion from the Pineal Gland would then be able to enter the Spinal fluid – making it entirely possible to allow the wax-like substance to be released along the spine at any given point to be used where needed.

It is said that we are made in the image of God and God is energy. In conclusion, with the books, “The Soul” and “The Lost Symbol” and information from medical description of the Meninges and Pineal Glad I would have to say that the part that is made in the image of God has to be the human brain that holds the energy of the mind, for the mind cannot be detected, cannot be operated on, cannot be seen, more than likely God/dess is within the MIND. Because God is pure energy and is everywhere, our brain is comprised of not yet fully determined amounts of energy that can change when stimulated. The medical profession and the instruments that detect these energy changes have proved this many times. As the brain is, stimulated different fields of the brain light up and expand into different patterns and colours.

The book “The Lost Symbol” alludes to the fact that the bible says we are to build our temple, a temple that we must build with no tools or making any noise. Many writings allude to the fact that our body is a temple for the Soul. (The Soul just may be the MIND) The information in “The Lost Symbol” tells that the Dura Mater and Pia Mater is the outer and inner temple separated by a thin veil that would be the Arachnoid Mater. Then there is ‘Jacobs Ladder’ with 33 steps represented in the body through the spinal column with 33 vertebrae. The thin veil just may be what is alluded to as the “Veil between Heaven and Earth” “Mind and Spirit/Soul”.

We may now believe that the brain holds the temple that is referenced in “The Lost Symbol” then the brain hosts the temple that we are to nurture and learn how to manifest from within this place, called the “Holy of Holiest” that is held inside the human skull. ‘Jacobs Ladder’ represented in the body as the ‘Spinal Column’ then it would also make sense that the entrance to the temple is at the base of the spine. Entering through this gateway, and climbing the 33 steps leading to the inner temple of the ‘Holy of Holiest.’

I would also say again, be careful of what one thinks, for our thoughts create our surroundings and collectively with others can manifest world events. It is easy to tear down a structure in minutes and takes a long time to rebuild. Feed your mind with positive thoughts good “manna” for it hosts the ‘Holy of Holiest’ temple. Making small changes in our thinking may create a big difference in how we perceive this day and how we move through it. 



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