The Harvesting of yourSEFL your SEED

“The Harvesting of the Self”

     I wish to tell you about the seed. This seed is a very special seed. It is the seed that came with you at birth. It may be that you have never recognized that it was a part of you. Therefore you have not thought of nurturing this special seed and taking care of it the best way possible.

     Take a moment and reflect what the word SEED means to you and keep that thought. You may think of a seed as . . .

  • It may be a physical seed that you plant in a garden.
  • Perhaps a word or many words spoken that can be planted in a mind.
  • Maybe it is something to cultivate, develop, the seed for a better world to live in. 

      If you take a seed, planted it and walked away, never to cultivate it, never to look at it again . . . what are the chances that the seed would grow to become what it was meant to be? Now; if the Divine God/dess decided to take care of that seed for you then the chances would be that it would be what it was meant to be, yet maybe something would be out of shorts.

      Most often the seeds in the wild are taken care of by Mother Nature, the Sun, the Rain we call that being nurtured by Mother Nature.

     What about the farmer, when he plants rows and rows of seeds, he has to nurture them, make sure they are watered, weeded, and keep the soil cultivated. They need the human touch to make sure they are well taken care of and that they will become the best crop in that field. If the caring and nurturing wasn’t there, they would not grow and the fruit would not come to harvest.

     In both cases, the seed must have its own will, its own strength to grow and poke its head up through the earth and be nurtured by nature and the hands of the one that planted it.

     Now I wish to focus on two types of seeds. The first one is the SEED in each living person and the second one is the THOUGHT SEED. Both SEEDS need cultivation, nurturing and constantly taken care of.

     Take a look at the SEED that is YOU.

  • That SEED; is very special 
  • That SEED; is the SEED of “The SOUL” YOU 
  • That SEED; is YOU the heart and soul of WHO YOU ARE 

     It resides inside your body, it is part of you, and if you do not take care of yourself, what is going to happen to that SEED? What is it that you want for that SEED that is “YOU” that person that you are and how you wish to be treated and that it is your wish to do for the rest of your life? Questions that surfaced in your mind about yourself came to you now and them, yet did YOU do something about the thought seed inside YOU. How is it that you look into a mirror and see yourself, have YOU taken the time to nurture the self and that special SEED that you are. 

  • Are you too busy to take time for yourself?
  • Do you find yourself placing everything ahead of your personal self?
  • You want to make the world a better place!
  • Save the whales, save the animals!
  • Take away harmful pesticides, and find yourself against this or that, spending a lot of time running around taking care of everything other than the most important one YOU. . .

     If you have not taken time care for the most important SEED, YOU, how can you expect, your hand to touch, your thought to reach its destination, your path to walk along side of your friend or children, how can you expect to nurture anything or anyone else?

     When you are not taking the time to nurture the SELF – YOU are allowing others to use you and abuse you in many ways. Do you look for validation outside of self and not within the SEED of who you are?

     You have not taken the time to STOP, to LISTEN, to ask, what you want, or who you really are. Busy is as Busy does and we can control it all, do it all for everyone. However, the first person you must take care of is yourself. You will have to nurture yourself and be able to do so and still have time to share your life with family, friends, and relationships.  In time you will see that you have validated who you truly are and what it is that is important to this beautiful person you have become. 

     Take the time to be by yourself see yourself as you wish to be. Listen to your inner thoughts of how you wish to be treated and what it truly is in life that is important to you for you to succeed. 

Question: How do I do this, how do I stop myself from running around taking care of others and find that silence or time to nurture myself and my soul?

Answer: By simply asking for help, asking the Divine I AM God/dess of your understanding to help you. The crazy thing about asking for help, it is given. When you ask, the power to be, to be with you and to help you nurture yourself, Mother / Father, God/dess, Creator (so many names for the ONE Divine Being) grants your request, IF YOU LISTEN. When given time alone, work on what it is you truly wish to be and how you wish others to treat you.

     Even if that time alone is when taking a bath when combing your hair or folding laundry. I know we all have busy lives, yet I am positive when you really want time for yourself you will find it. It is during those moments here and there that you will discover more about yourself and what it is you wish for self. Once you start to make a list as to how you wish your life to be and you start to respect yourself for who you are and give that same respect to others, magic happens.

The Thought SEED:

(I found that when taking care of myself the SEED within, I also had to take care of the Thought Seeds that came to me.)

     Take a “SEED” that is planted in thought form. If that thought is not taken care of, how far do you think that thought is going to go?

  • Will it grow?
  • Will it become one's dream?
  • Will it expand and reach others?
  • Or will it just drift off and die?

     When planting the SEED of thought, it is planting the SEED of dreams, of your intention, your wishes. If you do nothing to take care of it and you do nothing to help that thought along, then what was the purpose of having it in the first place? Why was that thought born?

     Any thought you wish to cultivate needs attention needs workable plans to make them come into your life. One cannot have a dream and not take any positive steps to have it come to fruition. The responsibility of that thought, the caregiver of that thought is the person that thought it in the first place. 

     YOU have the ability to nurture your thoughts in a positive way and can also delete those that are negative. Cultivate all you’re thinking into positive action and nurture that SEED by seeing YOURSELF in a different way.

     Both the SEED of YOU and the SEED of THOUGHTS, work together hand and hand:

     Both seeds are needed to promote what it is you wish. Once your list for change has been thought through, write it down, put a copy of it somewhere where you will see it, read it and work on the most important part of life – YOU.


     My choice is to nurture my SEED within and respect myself, then the rest will be easy to give to others.

I have learned:      

     To know that what I am doing is to the best to my ability, every minute of every day. It is my responsibility to myself, to respond to every situation, to give to it 100% of myself, nothing more and nothing less. To walk along side of myself, to be happy from within my being, my SEED, to know it’s OK to be with myself. To know that it’s OK to have many friends to call upon when needed. It’s OK to know that when they are busy, doing other things it’s OK to spend an evening alone, for I have been given my sacred space to enjoy and be with myself. 

     I have learned that working on the self, is not selfish, that doing what self-wants is not selfish, that when I take care of myself first. Then, and only then I am in a better place, and a better person than before, because I am whole within the self, I am not bits and pieces or fragmented. Then I am prepared to help or guide others and I can give of myself 100% to any situation that comes to me.

A Gift for you:    

     Is for you to accept the special SEED within you. If you take this SEED, please do not allow it to wither up on the vine and die, by not nurturing it. Be prepared to work on the most important aspect of yourself, YOU. 

     Learn how to release old baggage with LOVE so that you can fill yourself with more Light and Love and most of all . . .  you can RESPECT yourself. 

     As you work through this and ask for help through prayers, meditations the time will be given. You will flourish with this new energy and it will shine outwards from your heart, others will feel your compassion, healing energy for the sacred circle begins and ends with YOU.


     Everything that we do is done with and by our own choice. YOU have a choice,  to take this seed and nurture it, for the seed lies hidden in the Soul. You have a choice to nourish it, to develop it, to bring it to its ultimate goal . . . or to not feed it at all and allow it to die. What a loss to mankind that would be, YOU have the choice it is yours alone.  

     I pray you will give 100% to yourself and become the best you can be. 

     Love you as you are and as you will be, forever more, the ‘ONE’ in all That IS. 

TLC – Telsie                               

Truly Love Yourself . . .

 Exercise for YOU:

I was told to Love myself, truly LOVE myself. I thought that was silly of course I love myself my ego told me. Well here is the exercise for YOU to do.

Look into a mirror, look into your eyes in the mirror, keep looking into your eyes, and say the following.

(your name) I love you.

i.e. Telsie, I love you

Say it a few times to yourself as you look into your eyes every day.

I know the first time you say it, the EGO, says to you, that's silly of course I love myself.

You may even say, that is really silly and stop doing it.

Then one day, you decide to give it a try again, you make a promise to yourself to do this exercise every time you pass this mirror. If it’s in the bathroom, they normally have mirrors and a good place to say these words out loud to yourself, you should be saying it a minimum of three times a day. You decide to make that commitment to yourself and in time find that LOVE for self you were looking for.

(your name) I love you.

Make sure you are looking into your own eyes and say it three times each time you’re in the bathroom.

At first, EGO is still attempting to keep you from doing this silly exercise and you feel silly doing it.

If you do it faithfully for how many days, weeks it takes for you to get it, I tell you this:

You will know that very moment when you say it and you truly meant it, for you will feel it, you will feel the LOVE fill you up, a smile will come over you and your eyes will sparkle, and O’ yes – tears will fall down your cheeks and you will KNOW the truth of this feeling from deep inside of you, and that you truly meant those four words.

 (your name) I LOVE YOU


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