The fabric of the Planet and YOU

"A Montage" The fabric of the Planet

We are all connected through a montage of many things that may and can affect each moment we live in.

What foot print are you leaving on the fabric of our planet we call Earth?

There are two emotions that one lives life through, Love or Fear . . .

It is in learning and understanding of these energies that assists each individual to make choices and decision that may and can build a positive energy force or help collapse good energy through negativity and fear.

It is up to the individual to monitor their thoughts and what they share in words or deeds that does affect them and all of creation.

When one lives within the positive energy of Love, they assist in promoting a balanced and stable world. When one lives within the negative energy of fear, they also assist in promoting the power to the negative force.

So what would your choice be?

When a comment, thought, action or deed is done with a fearful/negative energy against anything or anyone, not only do they pour fuel on the subject it sparks more negative fear thinking on the subject and thus multiplies.

That also works when one places a positive/loving energy upon any situation however it has just the opposite effect of the other and promotes a kind and Loving energy that in turn negates the negativity that fear injects.

How will you leave your foot print upon this beautiful world we live upon called “Earth”?

It is through my daily meditations, thoughts and positive energy of Love that I personally choose to use in helping all of creation towards a peaceful, loving, balanced world to assist all in a positive way living in harmony.

We all have choices – Love or Fear?

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Feb. 21, 2016

Out of Fear ~ or ~ Out of Love

Added thought July 2, 2016

Thinking of positive and negative energy, I have to return to the words; Love and Fear.


When one places fear into their daily life; and that could be any type of fear, fear of other cultures, beliefs, losing a job, home, friendships and perhaps fear of a loved one passing.  What happens to the person’s energy field; it becomes all about fear and that negative thinking keeps fueling the energy field creating a polar effect and becomes the attraction into that person’s life.   They experience more fear and more negativity in all areas of their life.


When one places love into their daily life; that would be feeling love flow through your thoughts, how you see your neighbors and daily life as positive and loving towards all situations. Your mind focuses on the positive energy and except all other cultures, beliefs and you are able to work through any type of differences.  Thus you are also attracting positive loving energy into your life constantly.

Out of Fear ~ or ~ Out of Love


Fear is a great and powerful partner to “control.” Many organizations use fear to control, through the government, employer, religion, family structure etc.


Fear also enters when we do not understand fully what is in our lives.  Seeing situations through fear also promotes hatred.  Fear also feeds upon negativity thus a fearful individual becomes a negative force and their energy level is stagnant.  They attract more fear into the daily life and spiral down perhaps into deep depression and or illness.

Love is a great partnership to “freedom,” for as we love, we expand our energy and we embrace life as it is, without judgment.  Perhaps you have heard the saying a happy person is a healthy person.  Personally for me, over the many years of working in this energy of both, I have found that when happy and loving my health issues diminish. When hurt and feeling down the health issues are magnified 100 fold.

How do you see the world around you?

If you are feeling burdened over the world situations and negative towards immigrants coming into your country, perhaps the old saying is:  “Place yourself in their shoes and how or why they wish to live in a new country?”  Think how you would feel living were your life means nothing and perhaps war is in your back yard.

For me, I believe in the emigration of people from other countries and that the country benefits from their hard work and love of life.  They desire nothing more than to live a good life in a free country without oppression and discrimination towards them and they work hard for an honest day’s pay.


I know, for I am a first born Canadian and my Grandparents, Parents and relatives came to this country in 1930 and I heard the stories of the hardships that they endured and the hard work that they put into each day to make a living.   

Knowing also what can be achieved when the family worships, works and plays together. They built a prosperous business and hired many workers.  By living in this new country and giving it all.   I also know that a great country is built on the back-bone of new comers.   They had the Love and found their freedom in a new world.  They were positive in their thinking and left their fears back in the old country.

Last but not the least:

We all have come from different walks of life and many situations have shaped our world in the way we see it.  I would like to add one thought to think about:


Yes there will always be differences between individuals; see those differences as being unique to each person and focus on the commonalities you have:  If you can’t think there is a common ground to walk upon, think again. I will give you a few to start with and I know you can find more, if not just use these few commonalities.

We are all born and we will all die.

We all breathe the same air.

We know our parents, even if we were adopted.

We have feelings.

We need to sleep at some time.

We need to eat.

We love to share a good laugh.

We NEED EACHOTHER to be a strong country.

I give you my Love and Blessings to you my friend, my brother, my sister and my fellow human being.   Enjoy finding more commonalities and be a positive force of LOVE towards “All of Creation”.  

I DO and I WILL always be that LOVE unto all.


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