The Transformational Pyramid

Healing energy from the Transformational Pyramid

                The Pyramid must be constructed with proper measurements to allow the flow of energy to move correctly.

                I have used a Pyramid for healing for many years in Ontario. The first one we built was in 1999 and when we moved in 2011 it was taken down and did not get built again until Nov. 2012. During the time that I did not have our Pyramid near me, my health took a tumble, knee, hips, and a mini-stroke in June 2012, all in that time frame of fewer than two years.

                As of Nov. 4, 2012, when the top was placed and the dedication was done my health has greatly improved to the point that I am almost ready to toss my walking cane away and can manage going up and down stairs with greater ease.

                When I physically sit inside the Transformational Pyramid – I have absolutely NO pain in my body and I feel the energy moving through me, healing every cell and feel that each cell will have that perfection that comes from Divine Source. 

                “This Transformational Energy of pure LOVE and perfection will assist all to awaken their memory, remembering who they are, where they came from and shall return when their mission is completed.

            Our beloved Goddess Mother “I AM” God Father “Creator” fill every human cell with their gift of pure LOVE and the pure energy of perfection that can only come from the sacred realm.

            They discover they are in perfect health and circumstance as they receive this one pure energy that flows from Divine Source,”

                 There is something that my friend brought to my attention too, it is that the “TP” is pure energy from Source and is perfection. As we continue to work with the energy, we learned that we have fallen into the mindset that we perceive we must move through life with many forms of Disorder, Dysfunction, Disease and that these false perceptions can be neutralized and cleaned. Due to the fact that if one believes that creation was placed here from a Divine Source (believing in evolution or in any form of religious doctrine) is that we come from the pure energy of pure love. This energy comes from the pure source and is nothing less than perfection. It is the human mind, (brain) that has to adjust to the idea that we are pure energy and that we do not have to follow the conditioning that we must age and age brings about poor health. “The energy from the Transformational Pyramid (TP) brings about perfect balance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.” <-- This last statement is an older thought that many believe it to be so. A few weeks ago as I sat in the Transformational Pyramid I asked the follow question and my thinking was changed.

Q & A

While in the Transformational Pyramid

                 Q: Why is it that when I am inside the “TP” I have no pain anywhere in my body then why can I not have that same feeling outside the “TP” and carry it with me all the time?

                A: When you come into the “TP” you see yourself as a whole being, which we agree for we only see you as one energy, one light, that is YOU. When you leave you seem to see yourself as a fragmented person having four parts the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies that you then place the Disease/Disorder into another part of your fractured image. That pain comes back, you fall back into the old thinking. What is needed for you to do is to STOP seeing yourself in parts? See yourself as a whole living cell that is filled with the Divine energy that comes from Pure Source and is perfection.



                From that moment on, I treat my body as a whole energy and not see myself in parts and separate from the whole. It is working, I am getting stronger and stronger every day, the pain is minimal, and for the most part, I no longer walk with my cane.

                This brings me to a new understanding of how we can all evolve from old patterns and thinking. Remember I had said in my introduction note that small steps will lead you in the right direction and that everything in good time will bring you to a greater understanding. This is so very true for me, for my almost 70 years of living, I have followed alternative thinking for approximately 40 years or in part all my life I have been different.

                I am sure that if you are reading my work, more than likely you have taken part in some type of alternative healing, natural remedies, meditation and thinking outside the box. The big search is to find what works best for you and that you are comfortable in that belief. Leaving the door open for change, for change will happen it always does for the seeker never stops searching.

                I have one very important message to say now:

                If the Guru, teacher, leader, the speaker you are following tells you “This is the only way to attain whatever he/she is telling you.” Put on your running shoes and run as fast as you can out the door. For that is totally wrong – there are many platforms from which the seeker may learn from, each one bringing about more information, more clarity, and a greater understanding to you as you are at that moment in time. Change is always an ongoing energy in that will place a person that has drifted off the path of the seeker and place them in a very different direction.

                I cannot tell you how many times I have strayed, due to emotional trauma, separation from my identity said I would never follow alternative thinking again. Only to come back and with each time became stronger in my beliefs and not afraid to share my thoughts and assist others if they wish to find what is right for them. Once again, there is no right way and no wrong way of getting to the top of the mountain. There is only YOUR way that is the best for YOU to handle, to build a belief that will be strong and carry you through anything that comes into your life.

                I do find that having the Pyramid just steps away from my door it really works well when I sit inside it. Yet, I have friends as far away as Hawaii that uses it and felt great after spending time in the pure energy.

                Let me now introduce you to a (NOT really new) method of healing, that is “The Brain” yes the brain along with the mind (and the mind cannot be detected, I believe it to be the Soul that moves through lifetimes) can promote healing by directing the brain through the mind to do so, for the brain manages all functions of the body, we just have to learn how to use it properly. (Keep this thought and work on it.)

                Also, we must keep a positive energy flowing and that is where the Transformational Pyramid comes into play, for me. One does not have to build it, anyone may use it through the picture and place themselves into the center, to meditate, pray, ask for assistance, as to whatever they wish for themselves and or others to be sent to them. Many people write to me to have their names placed into the Transformational Pyramid and find it works that way also.


Dedicated to All Nations ~ November 4, 2012 @ 11:11 a.m.

            The names set upon this paper and placed into the energy of the Transformational Pyramid are done so for the following guidance: 

  • They shall receive the Transformational Pyramid energy for their highest and best, affirming a most BENEVOLENT outcome as it aligns with them and the Goddess / God of their understanding. 
  • There shall be no hidden agenda attached to them as our pure intentions are set forth for them. 
  • The names listed discover they are in perfect health and circumstance as they receive this one pure energy that flows from Divine Source, the energy of perfection in this sacred realm. LOVE fills every cell and they REMEMBER who they are. 
  • These Frequencies are purely intended to effect the changes for each person’s highest good and awaken their memory of who they truly are, where they came from and shall return. 
  • Remembering who we are and where we have come from we are then able to dismiss the false belief that we are less than Pure Source Energy of which Perfection IS. We are able to allow our bodies to heal, letting go of the false belief that we are NOT Pure Perfection thus vanquishing all Disorder ~ Dysfunction ~ Disease from our physical, emotional and mental bodies. 
  • Through the Heart Chakra with LOVE, COMPASSION, PURIFICATION, BALANCING OF THE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, AND SPIRITUAL ENERGIES. Bringing forth the Heavenly Frequencies for Humanity and blessing the power of Transformation toward all. 
  • This Energy is overseen by the Goddess Mother “I AM” God Father “Creator” and the Ameba “Teacher/Healer” with our purest of intentions toward all that use this Sacred Place for self or to send this Frequency toward others. 
  • No harm shall come to those that use this Sacred Place or Share the Healing Frequencies with others.

            Names are placed inside the Transformational Pyramid the energy shall be directed to them continuously receiving the energy, plus attention to each person will be given during daily meditation. 

            Our beloved Goddess Mother “I AM” God Father “Creator” fill every human cell with their gift of pure LOVE and the pure energy of perfection that can only come from the sacred realm. They then discover they are in perfect health and circumstance as there is only, “One Pure Energy” from Divine Source.



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