Spiritual and Romantic/ Poetry plus fictional books


             I am pleased to be collaborating with Peter.  It is a pleasure to have a husband that shares the same passion for writing, fun and new adventures together as I do. We are exploring many avenues and enjoy working together.  Peter's latest release is Broadening my Horizons. 

             Our first collaboration is a collection of Poetry, Thoughts, and Short Stories called “Always By Your Side” is now available at Amazon.com. 

            Peter is a man of compassion, sensitivity and romantic that shines in his creative writing. His dedication to writing the many books, from his real life journey “Living Is the Adventure” or his Romantic/Fictional books and many poetry books shows his diversity. These qualities shine in his writing and inspire the reader to feel the emotions behind his work. I am Happy to be the first to write about your talent, congratulations Peter, well done. 

About the Author:

          I am a person who enjoys writing and has enjoyed writing on the subject of poetry. Hopefully, I will have more books of these along with romantic/drama fiction stories.

          One of the goals that I like to achieve when I write my books is that they will help the person who reads my books. Whether it's giving them the inspiration to achieve things, motivation to move forward in life or relax and enjoy what they are reading. There is always a purpose for someone who writes.

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Broadening my Horizons

          ‘Broadening my Horizons’ an autobiography ‘Living with Epilepsy’ is my story and how life changed for me. Through the daily struggles and hurdles that I had to overcome. There came a time that got me thinking, “Would there be anything that could possibly be done about the Epilepsy”? 

          This is not something that anyone would ask to have neither in their life nor any type of a disability. This is an inspirational book encouraging and promoting positive thinking, by never giving up on anything that one wishes to accomplish and also to follow your dreams.  

Official ISBN: 9781532940958

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Collaboration by Telsie Boese and P.J. Churchill

          New Release:  ‘Why’ a very intimate; descriptive; story and a revolutionary way to teach a taboo topic that lives in most households even in this day.  The reader may never want to put it down. Read more on my By: Telsie Boese and P.J. Churchill

          Not just a fictional triangle love story, it is a revolutionary way to teach a taboo topic that lives in most households even in 2016. 

Official ISBN: 9781539983132

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Inspirational Poems For The Soul

          A book of enjoyable poems for the reader to enjoy. Could make you laugh/giggle or bring back memories.

          Inspirational thoughts enter when least expected and a new door or pathway is opened up to follow until the next shift occurs. 

          Subjects of the poems included in this book are Friendships, Love, Spirituality and many others. Some of the poems that are inside you may also find in other books.


This is only available in paperback

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Inspirational Poems For The Soul 
ISBN 978-1547127405


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'1st. Anniversary Edition'

            In celebration of our 1st. anniversary of marriage and working together, we have published a very special edition.  Featuring two popular books from the past year; ‘Always by Your Side’ and ‘Spiritual Guiding From Those Above Us’ into one book.

            ‘Always by Your Side’; a book of poetry and thoughts towards evolving, knowing that there will be family and friends by your side when needed.

            ‘Spiritual Guiding From Those Above Us’; a book of poems on spirituality.  As we remember those who are no longer with us; we know they will always be helping us from above and watching over us plus bringing back memories.



A great gift, two books in one for the price of one.

P.J. Churchill & TLC Telsie Boese

Official ISBN: 9781542481700

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Always By Your Side

          This is our first collaboration. We share our thoughts, short stories, and poetry from real life events that changed our lives, making a difference in our belief and having dreams come true. The writings are taken from true lovers, friendships that have lasted forever and yes from the loss of a partner, friend or family member passing. That no matter the distance, be it a different country or those in spirit we have the ability to stay connected.

          The writings may give the reader chills or remember events in their lives to trigger change or build a new belief upon. Relax and enjoy these thoughts, poems, and stories. We have enjoyed working on this book together knowing that dreams do come true.  

Always By Your Side is authored by: 

P J Churchill & TLC-Telsie Boese

Official ISBN: 9781530754281

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Spiritual Guiding from Those Above

           Spiritual guidance comes to us in many ways. The poetry in this book is a great book for readers to relax with. Also, Spiritual Churches or Centers that have a book sharing area may also find great interest as the subject matter was from personal experiences.

            Attending Spiritual Church services and being shown the proof that people who have passed over into spirit are still watching over us even though we cannot see them. Our loved ones look over us from spirit as we go along our daily life. Yet from time to time you feel their presence or see a white light shining ever so bright. That is spirits way of letting you know they are with you always.

            To guide us when they can, on the right pathway as we stand, and move obstacles for us to allow us to move past a situation. When we make the effort to make positive changes, they are there helping us so that the changes will run smoothly if possible. They are happy to be watching over us.

Official ISBN: 9781530768813

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Family Friends & Lovers

          A poetry book of poems relating to what the title says really.

          You will reflect and smile as you read through this book of your own past. Possibly bringing back memories to you whether when you lived at home with your parents and when it was time to have your own independence or your own children left to start a new life in that big wide world out there. Having a lover also is a nice thing as this book includes poems on the subject of lovers/partners.

          Also when issues come along and how they or yourself feel about things.

          It certainly brought back memories to the author.
Growing up from a sibling to an adult. Being brought up in a way with my grandparents that I enjoyed being with. Then leaving home and having my own independence.

Official ISBN: 9781530815555

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Garden Of Life

          Garden of Life is my third poetry book published in 2016.  As the title implies – it is about the ‘garden of life’ that we live through in many ways.  Poems that move us towards making changes and cultivating our lives through nurturing our personal growth as in how we think and what we believe in.  If one is lovingly tending their personal “Garden” they are moving through a life filled with adventure and knowledge that they gain from all experiences.   By filling not only the mind with knowledge and filling your heart with kindness and love.

Official ISBN: 9781530801435

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Poetry in Motion

          In this book of poems, I have placed feelings of all types of emotions that we all move through at different times in our life.   Friendships, love, family plus life filled with wonderment and nature.  Times were we can relax and enjoy a quiet moment at the end of a day.  Wishing to capture all types of emotions there is a full range from stress, to tears and laughter, love and joy.  These feelings will move you and may even assist in finding that peaceful moment at the end of your day giving hope towards a new sunrise to come.  Enjoy and find peace within your heart. 

Official ISBN: 9781530759804

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