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 Oct. 25, 2010 

                 Following the normal opening, as I stood before the altar at the end of my prayer, I heard my inner voice saying “and blessings to all my children”. 

                Right then I paused – I was wondering how that was meant?      

                A different feeling than children living now. I felt it was more; it was all, "all my children". That was puzzling to me, to say the least. Something was telling me, or a feeling was presenting itself as “ALL” All within the ‘ONE HERE’ not just what we think of as children, perhaps children from the Divine Source. I decided to just let it go and continue my morning meditation. 

               To-day was different again, a very deep, almost hypnotic NIRVANA trance. A lot of things came to me in thought – I was able to control my space, even chat with those that came and I was never pulled out of this depth, this place of enchanted peace. 

               I know that my extended family is on my mind a lot for yesterday there was a celebration for my Uncle Dave had turned Ninety years and his children held an open house so that we could honour him and wish him well. Milestones in life are a celebration and it was good to be there. Now to-day and tomorrow we are dealing with the end of a cousin's life, for she made her transition and we go to honour her life in a different way, yet perhaps similar. I am a part of a very large family; Sue was a cousin through marriage to my first cousin Frank. Both their families are very large and will also cross into my large family for she was the daughter of my Uncle Dave’s sister, his niece as I am yet totally from a  different lineage, for Uncle Dave was the husband of my mother’s sister Ann, this then is the second link yet not through blood. 

               All these links, thoughts crept into my dreams last night and some continued to enter this morning’s meditation. I tell all this just so that we can tell the depth of my meditation for nothing drew me out from that NIRVANA trance state. I was able to stay in that space and hold onto it as I dealt with each person or thought that entered. 

               There came a time when my inner chatter stopped. I found myself hearing a distant voice speaking to me.

               “You’re the ONE, You’re the ONE, then You’re the ONE you have been waiting for”.

                What? What are you saying to me?

                “You are the ONE, you are the ‘ONE’”

                I am still puzzled by what I heard. It was at some point acceptable, but not fully understanding; therefore it is a puzzling message. Remaining patient as I continued my lessons.

                 Peace to all, Blessings to all, “Be” in harmony with the ‘ONE HERE’.

 End of this lesson – transmission


I remembered a conversation with the Goddess Mother.

                It was a few months back I was talking about heaven and earth with the Goddess Mother. She told me there is nothing existing as what we term heaven, there is only “HERE”. “All is HERE, nothing is outside of HERE – everything is within HERE, it is only that we have yet to open the window to seeing all in the HERE and NOW.

                I knew something was about to change, but what? 


                 Then the explanation of ‘ONE’

                Within ‘HERE’ there is only the ‘ONE’

                When I thought about it in the old way the deity that many call ‘GOD’ kept us separate from being or living within the Source energy. God was always out there somewhere, and although we often said that God lived within our hearts or that God was everywhere. What or how did that really make us feel? 

                Unworthy to think we could really be a part of the divine being. Feeling separated from God and thinking the only way back to Source was to die and go back to God in Heaven. 

                NOW:  I come to the understanding that ‘ONE’ is all and it is ‘HERE’ right next to me, inside of me, and I am living inside of all of creation. It is not outside of me or far away from me.

                My friend Alan said: 1 + 1 = 1 when I saw that printed on a t-shirt he had made, I just smiled and would say right. I now know what it meant, thank you Alan.



               Spirit form is like an Amoeba, a single cell having the capabilities to changing shape and size, has the ability to be transparent/translucent (unable to be seen) as that of spirit form. It is also androgynous (male/female) and can reproduce by dividing self. Having the ability to form many parts of self to experience and function on many levels. For the AMOEBA reproduces itself by splitting in half. Then this woman that is a part of me or that I am of her, is an androgynous spirit being, within the ‘ONE’ in the ‘HERE’.

               Once one can achieve the next levels of learning within the ‘ONE’ in the ‘HERE’ the possibilities expand toward multidimensional beings of light, translucent energy forms capable of all that can be derived from original thought form. Perhaps this may be what some term the Ascension.  


               Then this is telling me that the spirit form is a single cell having the capabilities to changing shape and size and can be transparent/translucent (unable to be seen) that the spirit form is also androgynous (male/female) and can reproduce by dividing self. Having the ability to form many parts of self to experience and function on many levels. For the AMEBA reproduces itself by splitting in half. Then this woman that is a part of me or that I am of her, is an androgynous spirit being, within the “ONE” in the “HERE”.

               Once one can achieve the next levels of learning within the “ONE” in the “HERE” the possibilities expand toward multidimensional beings of light, translucent energy forms capable of all that can be derived from original thought form.


               Well, that just lead to more research to understand what an amoeba was and how did that become a part of me. Reading all morning about amoeba’s and how they work led me to the following understanding.

Who am I? 

               Well, that just lead to more research to understand what an amoeba was and how did that become a part of me. Reading all morning about amoeba’s and how they work led me to the following understanding.


 October 17, 2010 – TLC 

                  First allow me to point out that to understand the ‘ONE’ we need to understand that what many believe to be the reality of Heaven and Earth, could be a ‘Fictional’ story. This story came out of history and the attempt of spiritual leaders, rulers of nations to explain why or how the human race began and the attempt to control them through fear. 

                 In reality being part of the ‘ONE’ in ‘HERE’ I find there is no separation from ‘HERE’ for it contains ‘ALL THAT IS AND HAS BEEN CREATED’ in the ‘ONE HERE’. Believing that, leads me to think there is no control or fear placed upon me. I am the one that controls how I think and what I may choose to fear. It was defiantly the old programming that kept me from truly connecting with the one source of energy that has brought these teachings to me, that allows me to live with peace and the ability to step into the place of NIRVANA through meditation. I would hope that in time, this feeling of NIRVANA may be attainable without meditation and I will be able to carry it with me at all times, through all aspects of self and this life I am leading now. 

                 ‘ONE’ encompasses ‘ALL THAT IS EXISTING’ within the ‘HERE” and there is NO separation. 

                 Let’s step outside the box and not place the ’ONE’ inside a box or circle. When we think outside the box and stop labeling things we have the opportunity to expand our awareness and have the freedom to move outside of the limited field that gave us limited thinking. This we have placed upon ourselves for eons because we felt separated from the Source of ‘ONE’ for we were taught we could not connect directly to the Divine. 

                 Can we wrap our minds around the truth that – 

                 Everything is ‘HERE’ within the ‘ONE’ 

                 By not understanding this – we have fallen out of reality and now exist OUTSIDE of the ‘ONE’. Thinking we are a separate life form, separated from the ‘SOURCE’ the ‘ONE’. The good news is that this is by our own doing by what we are able to comprehend at the time as our evolution progressed. Just imagine attempting to explain this to the first man that would be Mission Impossible. The evolution of man has also meant that the human race moves into a greater understanding as to what comes next in their evolution. This is where we are to-day and this is the next step in our evolutionary path and linking directly to the ‘ONE HERE’. 

                 By allowing our awareness to expand outside of the box we are given the opportunity to move toward; accepting that all life forms, all creation and created forms/objects have always existed INSIDE the ‘ONE’ within the ‘HERE’. With this UNDERSTANDING I allow the little “i” of self to connect with the ‘ONE’ and stop feeling separated from the whole that is and has always been ‘HERE’. 

                 Time to simplify – 

                 Not understanding – I believed my existence was outside of ‘HERE’ outside of the ‘ONE’ and I kept myself separated from ‘SOURCE ENERGY’. This was done by my own doing and I saw myself as a separate life form separated from divinity, God/dess or the many other names given to the ‘ONE’ deity. 

                 Understanding – I free my mind to explore inside ‘HERE’ within the ‘ONE’ and become aware that I am complete within the ‘SOURCE ENERGY’ completely intergraded within the laws of the ‘ONE’ living inside ‘HERE’.

                 Now I am able to accept “ALL” and can resolve problems through a greater understanding of unlimited ‘SOURCE ENERGY’ that flows through me effortlessly and continuously.

 Oct. 18, 2010 – TLC 

 “CAUTIOUS” is the key word in this lesson.

                 This morning my meditation was different.

                 At first, as I opened my mind to explore the ‘ONE’ in the ‘HERE’ I had an instant feeling of NIRVANA. What could be better than this?   Yet to me it all felt strange . . . as I am accustomed to feeling, hearing, communicating when entering meditation. This was complete stillness, soft, gentle, blissful - NIRVANA. 

                 When entering the ‘ONE’ I am not really entering it at all, for I am there at all times for there is no door, no entrance, or exit. Something may have changed for me and I know something is different. Old ways are gone; the way I used to do things is no more. If not completely changed yet, I feel things are waning and changing in my perception of all things present. 

                 At times I am feeling I have a great knowing within me, of all that is.

                 At times I am feeling like I am back to pre-kindergarten learning from the beginning.

                 At times I am feeling like I am back in Lemuria – The place where my memory tells me I had the power to choose what child would enter the correct learning chamber and when that would be done.            

                  After a time of silence, I decided to call upon my Amoeba the little “i” and see if we could have a conversation.

                  She came to me and I had a few questions as I recalled my vision of her. 

                  What type of bird was sitting on your head?

 It was a condor, she said. 

I looked up the bird and the meanings: 

                  In alchemy, it is a symbol of sublimation, because of the resemblance to the eagle.

The meaning of sublimation: A process in which a substance is converted directly from a solid to a gas or from a gas to a solid without an intermediate liquid phase. 

                The condor is also considered a sign of confirmation of a new relationship between the volatile aspects of life and the fixed, the psychic energies and the cosmic forces. It was a promise that the suffering of the immediate was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose was at work, even if not understood at the time. It reflects that no matter how difficult the life conditions, rescue is as imminent in your life as was the rescue of Prometheus by Hercules. 

          Why did you appear to be feeding the fish to the bird? 

  •  It was a subliminal message to say in the future your sustenance would be taken care of. You would be fed from the energy from the ‘ONE’. 

                Then I had a vision of a faint six-pointed star:  The star then turned into two that fitted inside of each other. Then they expanded outwards replicating within itself into infinity. 

                 My question was – Why did the star continue to change and create itself exponentially as it diminished into infinity.

                 That was to show me how to the ‘ONE’ all things created at this level, become more unless one states at the exact point of the creation what one intends. One would need to be very precise on what you intend/wished to create and have stated it clearly. 

                 That gave me a lot to think about and to direct my attention with vigilance, that I truly needed a lot of guidance when fully living in the ‘ONE HERE’.

 End of this lesson - transmission.

Oct. 19, 2010 – TLC

  The Amoeba - ONE Cell – Spirit 

                 Once again as I entered my meditation to receive more lessons, I found that being there was like I was in a bubble, a void of everything. Pondering why there was nothing to see or to talk to someone I noticed that the feeling of completeness filled me, NIRVANA, blissful, peace. I began to question why there was nothing there.               

                 I asked to speak with the ‘ONE’ and got the feeling or the message that my link would be with my Amoeba. She then appeared to me, after greeting her I asked questions. 

                  When I am ‘HERE’ and all of the creation is in the ‘ONE HERE’ – why do I not feel or see or hear anything?

  • You are being protected from seeing, feeling or hearing all that is. Just imagine if you did experience all that is ‘HERE’ you would be overwhelmed by this and mass confusion would enter. Our time together would become a mute point. We have placed you, let say, in a bubble so that you would learn before fully experiencing it all. Let’s take small steps, OK. 

        Is there a difference between the Amoeba/ONE Cell and Spirit?

  • Yes. The Spirit is linked to those they are assisting on Earth. They remain ready to answer any call requested of them, and they may from time to time protect those they are assisting. Helping with choices, direction, and thought as they guide them. You may recall at times receiving a thought in your mind and did not know why it entered. It may have been placed there by your guiding angle. That is the roll of Spirit form and when they feel that their role is done, they come to a choice of reincarnation or moving on to the ONE Cell. 
  • The ONE Cell – like an Amoeba – is free of connections and is living through Source Energy from the ‘ONE HERE’. The ONE Cell organism is FREE to choose. Free of all that is, yet is also aware of ‘ALL THAT IS’ within the ‘ONE’ at the same time having the ability to choose its direction. They may hear a call to go on a venture and become part of a colony on a new planet, or even return to the planet Earth. The choices and capabilities are unlimited, with a vast range of what the ‘ONE Cell’ is able to take part in, OR NOT. The free will choice still applies when you reach this place within the ‘ONE HERE’. 

                 Would it become boring being in the Amoeba/One Cell energy?

               Are you bored when we have our time together, or when you first came here and became a part of NIRVANA?


  • Once you fully comprehend this level, the beauty of it all is that you are in complete bliss, free of aging, pain, free of emotional trauma dramas, hurts, rejection, and free from the lack of knowledge, for you will know all. You are then all that is, your existence will be the ‘ONE HERE’ and you will still have the capabilities to partake in anything that you wish or desire to do. You may even choose to become a member of the many types of councils that debate ideas at length, or not. You have full control within ‘ONE HERE’. 

                 I believe that you have enough to ponder from this session. I thanked her and returned. 

 End of this lesson – transmission

Difficult Meditation

Oct. 20, 2010 – TLC

                  There may be a few reasons as to why I had a difficult time in my meditation today.   

  1. I was awake through the night from 3 – 7 had a small sleep till 3:00 and a nap between 7 and 8.
  2. My allergies were a good part as to why I was up, sneezing, itchy eyes and had to wait till that all settled down. Just before 6:00 Guy asked me to come back to bed and he would read to me. That normally settles me down, yet it took to near 7 before I felt sleep would come. 

                 I set the tone for my meditation, music, lit the candle on the altar, and said my opening prayer and then we said our set of affirmations. 

                  For the first part, I felt only my physical discomfort from an itchy body, and could not settle into a comfortable position in my chair. Asking my ameba to assist, I found that my link was not made. Took another run at it, but still, something was nagging at my body. I thought that perhaps it was the music choice and went and changed the sound. Sitting back into my chair, I found that I was drawn to lie down on the sofa. (This may be due from being tired not sure) 

                  Once again I focused on the sound and cleared my mind to link to the ‘ONE’. Surely I would be able to link into the ‘ONE HERE’ but again nothing. Calling upon my Amoeba again, she came to me. Telling her of my problem linking into the ‘ONE’ she informed me again, that I was in the ‘HERE’ therefore I was and always will be connected, that there was no need to think I had to link in a special way. 


        Then why am I not feeling the NIRVANA as I had the past few days?  

  • She told me that she took just a bit of my bubble wrapping off. This was to teach me how to focus with all the distractions, like my body itching, or the feeling of pin type needles in my body. This lesson was to have me experience distraction and still be able to stay focused on what I wanted to do. She reminded me of the other day when I asked why I did not see, feel, or hear anything within the ‘ONE HERE’ remember your protective bubble is around you. 
  • Her instruction to me was to focus on the core:
  • I saw . . . a gold + (cross) then a four lined + then multi + starburst like cross. Then the six-pointed star and a gray-blue spot came in after that. She told me to focus on the core again and for me to expand the gray-blue spot, bringing it closer to me. Again she called out to bring it closer until it surrounded me.   

               I found that when I focused on the gray-blue light, as it expanded I became a part of it; my physical discomfort was no longer with me. However, I could only hold this for a few moments.   

               Amoeba asked me to do it again and again and I repeated the exercise three times. That was all the time I could focus on, we ended the lesson. At the time I felt that I did not accomplish much, but now looking back and writing this I feel it was a very worthwhile exercise. Thank you Amoeba 


End of this lesson – transmission 


  Oct. 21, 22, 23, 24, 2010 – TLC  

 Meditation the ‘ONE

                  I am combining four days of meditation, for there has not been a lot of difference between them. Set up the music, light the candle, say our affirmations, and sip my hot water. Then taking long deep breaths I settle into this new place.               

                 It is still a place of silence, peace and that wonderful calming place of NIRVANA fills me. This is so completely different than the way I used to meditate that I wonder what will the next teaching me.  

                 Perhaps I am to just “BE” and nothing more till I stop my wondering of what is next.  

                  One day, I felt an energy following through me it felt like tiny stars bursting inside my body, everywhere, all at the same time. It also felt like effervescent bubbles moving through me. I do not really know what it was, or what it was doing, I do know that it felt wonderful, relaxing like a massage, but only on the inside working outward. 

                  One day, I saw a few images come and go, in and out, streaming flow of energy and images. No communication, no sound other than what we were playing in our home. Still, a complete blissful feeling continued to be with me. 

                  There are times when I miss the old meditations, the conversations, the visions, yet something tells me more will change and that I need to just be faithful in my daily mediations and not query so about what I have been given. Guess this is teaching me to “BE” in each moment, nothing more and all will be as it should be. 

                  Yet how does one let go of the person of the past that always searched and researched to find answers to the many questions that pass through one’s mind daily? The person that always was granted answers and given the opportunity to understand her path – even if at times it may have been a few years in coming. ;-) It is a pleasure to be able to laugh at self and feel confident that whatever the next step will be, I will be ready and know I will always be taken care of and protected and loved.

Can anything be any better?           

   End of this lesson – transmission



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