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        This new web home is about all possibilities in our lives. As we become aware that all possibilities are truly possible; that brings us one step closer to achieving those goals.  The ability to achieve the goals we set comes from the heart and the dedication that is given to each adventure that is created.

         I encourage you to write to me, giving your point of view on staying in this moment and or suggest other topics we may all learn from.  Working together will help to bring in the unification of the minds and broadening our horizons staying motivated in each moment.

         Becoming more as we learn and grow together we can motivate each other in a positive and loving way. Evolving within the moment we are in. 

Love and blessings to you always


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"We are all Evolving" 

What footprint are we leaving behind? 

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Part 1:

I sit and wonder:
Tears fill my eyes and the pain of the children of all ages that live on the earth flows through my body and mind. 

I cry:

Hear my prayer hear my mantra that I say each day on your behalf, for you to open your eyes and heart so that when you see me or another child of the Earth you see them as your family your sister your brother, yourself for we are ONE 

ONE breath ONE heart ONE love

Cast any doubt aside, set your anger, frustration down and give your heart to "All of Creation" for YOU are my family, friend my brother, my sister as you are the child of the earth and the God/dess of your understanding. YOU are ME and we are ONE with ALL that IS, the great "I AM".

I am blessed to have you in my life.



Part 2: came the next morning to clarify ‘I sit and wonder’


Many pray for Peace around the world. Yet there appears to be more negativity and destruction, wars and disasters beyond one's control.

I asked:  What is needed to be of assistance towards all the children of the Earth?

The Answer:  “Be Peace” for yourself.  When the children of the planet Earth become “Peace” for themselves nothing more will be needed, for all is and shall be what they will become, and that is Peace.

No one child can control what others think, do, say or believe in.  However “YOU” can only control yourself and what you wish to come from YOU.  Nothing more, for when you act in accordance to the Divine Love, your Love, your Peace and your Thoughts, then so shall you be onto “All That Is”  PEACE

Many blessings to the Children of the Earth.

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