Overcoming - “Disorder, Dysfunction, Disease”

My True Story:

          Did you know that . . .

.0001% of the World’s population cannot tolerate Drugs?

Changing one's perception, followed by changes in diet, exercising, how and what thoughts I had and staying positive brought about positive change in my life, and can also make those changes in your life. I continue to work toward a better life, keeping a positive attitude, eating healthy meals, exercising every other day, and saying a positive outcome each day as I wake and go to bed at night.         

          The past two years, (2011, 2012) I fell into the mindset of aging and was attracting illness: Osteoarthritis; Mini-Stoke; High Blood Pressure; Bronchitis; Stiffness in the joints and more. Fear took hold, and I moved from my power of belief, alternative health products and followed medical advice, only to find out that for me I was that .0001% of the world’s population that have a problem with taking pharmaceutical drugs, that these drugs were poisoning my body and making me worse. I was so sick, my hair was falling out, wanted to sleep 24 hours a day and had no will to do anything. I felt; totally not in control of myself, my body, or mind. One Doctor even said let’s stop poising your body. 

          I stopped all medication end of June 2012; it takes approximately 190 days to rid the body of chemical drugs that are in the body which is over six months. Researched what I could do to lower my blood pressure, rid my body of Osteoarthritis in my knee, and rid my body of bad cholesterol. 

          As the drugs were slowly leaving my system each month, I was gaining my health back and my strength returned. Researching what I could take for Osteoarthritis, High Blood Pressure; Bronchitis and something to strengthen the bones. Changed my diet, brought back my positive thinking and rekindled my belief – now eight months from taking control of my body and mind, I am walking without the cane, have very little pain in my body, lowered my Blood Pressure and feeling great. That is also what led me to write the message below. Please take the time to read it with an open mind and heart. 

Overcoming Disorder, Dysfunction, Disease” why does the body become “dis-eased”? 

Our physical body is our Spirits home during the earth walk.

One could choose to look at our body as a temple for the Spirit/Soul.

The physical body is the temple where the Spirit/Soul dwells and experiences the manifestations upon the Earth plane.

Then.... if the physical body is a temple and Spirit is whole/perfect in every way, why does the physical body have dis-ease? 

How do we keep the “Temple” clean?

What do we put into the “Temple” to keep the palace an honourable place for the ‘Spirit/Soul’ to dwell in? 

What type of nutrition to you ingest?

Do you microwave your food leaving you with nothing but empty calories, NO nutrition is left in the food ~ or ~ over cook them in water tossing out the nutrition? 

What kind of words do you think of and speak?

Do you have negative thoughts and think badly of others? 

What action do you take towards other people?

Are you kind and helpful, or vindictive and ignore them? 

What kind of negative thoughts and actions do you construct, hold on to, and or give to others?

Do you think that just having negative thoughts and not saying them it’s OK?

             It matters not what you do with your negative thoughts. Just the fact you had them, they are released from your mind and you have created and placed within your temple of light, your body, putting out a welcome mat and welcomes in “disease” “disorder” and “dysfunction”. 

“Disease” - and all the other dysfunctions are attracted to an unkempt/dirty dwelling, along with poor nutrition your body attracts the three “D’s”. The unbalanced body/temple attracts “Disease” like a magnet and attaches itself to the embodiment of the physical being. 

For every thought, every action....

For every morsel of food we ingest,

Everything is placed into our Temple our body. 

          Do you stop to think what the foods are made of...the chemicals, preservatives etcetera?

Do you stop to think that a negative thought, word, or deed will cause a lump or a pocket within your temple to attack “dis-ease”? 

I am here to remind all that our Body is the Temple the host for our Soul to dwell in during our life upon Earth. To become a healthy, prosperous, loving person, there is a need we should consider that all things we put into the body and all thought that comes into our mind works for you or against you. 

Do not allow FEAR to gain a hold on you. Work towards gaining a healthy mind and body to host your Spirit/Soul self and become the best persons possible.   

 Like attracts Like

It is up to each individual as to what they would LIKE to attract into their life. 

Consider revising how you live your life, what nourishment is given to the body, this temple for the Soul. A great deal of thought should be given to what you think about, and what is done with those thoughts that run through the mind. The thought is food for the Soul, once you think of something positive or negative, love or fear, those thoughts are out of the date, so to speak, and will attract “like” back to you in the manner it was given. 

For every action, there is a reaction.

Speaking or thinking positive attracts a positive outcome.

Speaking or thinking negative attracts negativity.    

          Become mindful in your daily activity, keep track of what you think and what you eat and see where change can be made to become a healthy, positive person. It is truly your choice and you have the power to achieve great events and a healthy body. 

          Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, drink eight glasses of water every day. Read the labels of everything you buy and if there are things you do not understand and the list is greater than 8 – 12 items, you can be fairly sure it’s not good for the body to ingest. 

          The many forms of Disorder, Dysfunction, Disease, are false perceptions that the human mind has accepted as being real and that this is something we move toward as each birthday comes around. The older we get, for the most part, we tend to think illness is just part of life. These false perceptions can be neutralized and cleansed with changing the diet, changing what we think about, exercising both the mind and the body and staying active. 

          For those that believe in some type of higher power, God/dess, Divine Source or just believing in evolution, consider this:         

          We come from energy of pure love. This energy comes from pure source and is nothing less than perfection. It is the human mind, (brain) that has to adjust to the idea that we are pure energy and that we do not have to follow the conditioning that we must age and age brings about poor health.



Always do your own research and ask your health professional when in doubt.



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