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Everyone has a point of view . . .

           If we sat in a circle and put an object in the center of the circle and we all described what we saw, everyone would see different points of view from each other. Some would even see opposites because they would be sitting on opposite sides of the circle. In other words, you don't have to see what I see for you to be right. In fact, everyone in the circle is right based on their own point of view. If we are willing to listen to everyone's point of view, then we can get a more accurate description of the object in the center. This is one way to put our minds together. When we get the clarity from each other, we should give thanks and be grateful for each other.
Irving Powless, Sr., ONONDAGA

I would like to add, taking the time to appreciate the points of view of others – we can grow our own understanding. When we accept the differences between us, helps keep us all unique.



Journey of Faith

                 To start it must be at the beginning that I can remember of the family’s religion. It is obvious that whom the child is born too, that child will be raised in the way the parents know. Having stated the obvious let me take the time to go into my memories.

                 Grandparents and parents came to Canada to leave behind persecution; maybe ethnic, religious, or other forms, or just seeking a better life. Myself, my siblings, and cousins are first born Canadians and were raised in the faith of our Grandparents ways, their religious belief of United and or Brethren Mennonite followers. In the church, men sat on the left and women on the right, as is seen in other faiths to this date. In some; women are not even in the same room. The differences; does not matter in my mind, I am just saying how things were for me.

                 As far as I can recall, my thoughts, ideas were so far from what was being taught to me by my parents and their faith. I would hear a voice inside my head, telling me things that I had not read or talked about. I would get a feeling about something and know what would be the best for me to do. This connection was there all the time; it has never let me down, as long as I paid attention to it, it has been a true companion through my life.

            When I married at the young age of seventeen, my husband then was of the Presbyterian faith and I United Mennonite, we decided to move to the United Church of Canada platform to raise our children in. For the most part, things seemed to be OK. However the more we became involved with the church the more I had questions about a faith that did not work in harmony. This was in both Mennonite and United followers. To me there was a lot of hypocrisy within both religions; things that I witnessed, did not come from a God/dess love it came from the congregations.

             My feelings grew toward thinking that there must be something better something that could bring about a strong faith that started my search to move beyond the Christen base. Staying with the United Church until my divorce, for the most part, I was not comforted by being there, singing there, or being a part of something that just did not fit into my way of thinking a God or Goddess belief should be. It was a difficult time feeling pulled away from a belief that family adhered to for generations.

            Our children were baptized as babies, then had their confirmations and married in that faith. Passages in the bible I found very uncomfortable with: for one i.e. in the baptism of a baby, saying that the baby was born of sin, I could never agree with that. Then when my older son sat next to me and heard those words, he whispered to me the very same thoughts I had. How is a baby born of sin? That is why they have to be baptized; I told him and also told him I agreed with him. The older my children became the more questions wondered into my head on how things were done in this belief and made me uncomfortable being there.

       Once my children were old enough, and I had divorced their father, there was room for me to wander and explore. Following my inner wisdom and searching for something that would bring about a stronger faith that would perhaps give me a solid platform to stand upon for the rest of my life. Always knowing more from thoughts, those inner feelings, and voice that I heard I began wondering in search of a faith base that would understand what I was saying and feeling. I came across “Spiritualism” and the “Native Teachings” both at the same time, both spoke to me in different yet similar ways. Decided to study both and both brought to me teachings that provided a platform to build upon.

               My father and step mother had their Lutheran Church praying for me for they felt the devil had me in his grips and I needed to be delivered from his grasp. (I found that funny for I do not believe in the Devil it is a man made entity, mainly for control). This still makes me smile, shake my head, and just wonder what dark ages still surface around religions in this world. One day I sat with my father and told him this: “Whatever religion anyone is in and believes in; if that religion helps them to be the best person they can be and respect them self and others equally, then that is the right place for them.” Attempted to explain to him what I had learned, and experienced over the past few years brought be closer to a God that I could understand and believe in. I said this out of love to him and say it out of love to all that read this.

           There is absolutely no wrong way to develop a faith, a belief that will be of service to you and assist in you becoming the best person you can. There is only the one true connection that you will have between you and the God or Goddess of your understanding. (From here on I will write God/dess to accommodate both genders in actuality God/dess is androgynous in many people’s understanding of the Divine Power). In all cases what makes a person the best they can be and if that assistance also includes a faith, belief, higher power than that is the right place for them to be and grow from.

           There have been many events in my life that had torn down my faith, my belief and left me wondering why? Never thought of going back to a Christian base faith, but have always returned to the Spiritual and Native teaching platform that I built my faith upon, only to find myself in a stronger belief than before. The search took me too many places and also in my travels to different countries and faiths, showing me the same message over and over. There are good and bad in all groups, just like a bad apple in the bushel. Well, you don’t toss out the whole bushel because of it, you cull it out.  Same in different organizations (religious/faith/other) you learn to recognize the strength that each has to offer, keeping the good and leaving the rest behind. Choosing the cream and leaving the rest allows the development of a strong faith that will grow. As you build a strong foundation to stand upon this belief will be there to support you every day. Having seen both sides in many organizations, religious groups, in all walks of life, it is best to learn the key of leaving what you do not want, keeping what you do. However all deserve my Love and Respect, for I do not know what they have gone through and what has led them to where they stand this moment in their life, I am not here to judge. Learning what to keep and what to let go of is empowering your free will, freedom to choose what is best for you that can be given to others and grow expediently.

         My strength comes from my direct link to the God/dess; there is no need for me to have a go between me and the Divine Spirit that communicates with me. My church is the great outdoors, my power comes from Source, and my convictions come from my Inner Temple my mind that speaks volumes to me always. I am but a mere nanosecond from direct communication with Divine Spirit God/dess and know that from that connection truth is given at all times.

       The motivation for this writing was directed by the strong link of this connection, waking this morning seeing and hearing what it was for me to write this day. Knowing that the person or person’s needed to read this will and it will bring them closer to a greater understanding for their daily living. A very devout person may benefit from searching outside their chosen structure and see beyond their circle. Perhaps they felt as I did, and have been searching for something to connect with to assist them in forming a strong link. In any case, all beliefs, all faith, all religions, even all non-believers are helped by a conviction that they follow. However, if it no longer is serving you, there are many other beliefs to research.

         One thought I leave you with is this: “If a leader tells you this is the only way to the kingdom or whatever they are asking you to follow, put on the running shoes and leave.” There are many ways to climb the mountain, or to walk through life’s journey, you can wonder the long slow path and experience many wonderful things, you can run fast up the face of the mountain and miss the side attractions, you can sit at the bottom and look up to the top, and you can choose a combination of all. This is the wonderful gift that has been given to all people, we all have the gift of choice, and it is ours to make.

       Perhaps if you have not read my writing “RESPECT” that can be found in tab: The Mind.





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