Understanding the message

Healing Dream

April 19, 2013 . . . Boy did I have a dream last night - on and on it went.

I think it was a past life long, long ago – My husband was there, but not on a conscious level - he needed healing so he was more in a deep sleep state.

It felt like Hindu - but not 100% - maybe the very early stages of that faith. The ceremonies and very positive healing energy were taking place and went on for days.

The ceremonies had to do with the SUN – beginning with a type of welcoming sunrise ceremony. My husband was laid out on a stone platform, the air filled with chanting/singing.

Tables of food in the colours of sherbet, almost like a rainbow in the way the food was presented. The clothing and flowers were also in the sherbet hues - very mystical – the scene is still playing in my head as I write the events.

Anyway, when the SUN started to peak - it's ray's fractured the sky in a blaze of soft rainbow hues - then it moved higher and when half of the sun was showing a golden crown covered it and the rays moved from it adding the gold to the sky. I will attempt to do a drawing of it - we shall see.

The celebration went on and on and then the Chief called out to my husband and told him he was healed completely, from his back/muscle injury he did a week ago. This was one dream that I did not want to wake up from - it was one of those very vivid dreams that I can recall it like a movie playing in my mind.

Here is my gift to you – may the rays of the sun heal those that gaze into this rendition of the dream.

I looked up Brahma, for that is the word I heard, during the dream . . .

Brahma (Hindu Gods: trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)

Brahma is the creator of the universe and of all beings, as depicted in Hindu cosmology.

In Hinduism, the whole creation is seen as the dynamic game of the Trinity. Brahma is to be found to exist more in scriptures than in homes and temples. In fact, it is hard to find a temple dedicated to Brahma. One such temple is located in Pushkar in Rajasthan.

If you are interested in reading more about Hinduism follow the link below. http://hinduism.about.com/od/godsgoddesses/p/brahma.htm

The Orb

             In the wee hours of the dawning on October 20, 2012, the keeper of the Orb had a vision. All odds were fighting against her. Her body pain was keeping her awake, her skin was crawling and itchy, and it was difficult to remain in contact with the Goddess Mother and God Father. Only a small silver thread tethered her to the omnipresent of her Mother and Father. She held her hand over the teaching crystal as she lay in her bed to sleep, yet sleep was being denied her for there was something she needed to do.

             Remembering long ago, many times she used this teaching crystal to walk through its gateway into a large chamber. Why these memories came to her, she did not know. The only thing that she felt she was able to do was to push past the pain and seek the sanctuary of the teacher inside the crystal.

             Calling upon the doorway to open and the guidance from the Goddess Mother, God Father, and her Guide she walked through the gates into the large chamber inside. The floor was shiny black obsidian; candle light refracted off the crystal walls with rainbow colours. She saw again the white fur rug in the center of the room and to the left the golden staircase curving upwards toward the upper room. Brushing her hand once again on the surface of the crystal walls, she walked the perimeter of the room, and then turned toward the center of the room, to sit in the chair on the fur rug that awaited her presence. Once seated a maiden dressed in a flowing gown of shimmering white organza was standing before her, offering up a cup of the most aromatic tea. Taking it she held the ornate cup in both hands, brought it close to her mouth and breathed in the aroma. As she sipped slowly of this very special tea, enjoying the aroma, sip by sip; her pain and tiredness left her and she remembered the many times that she had visited the crystal chamber.

             Not aware of the time that had passed, she was only aware that her physical body was still suffering on the other side of the chamber. She called upon all the powers to calm the physical body and heal it from the many disorders that plagued the flesh.

             Then she noticed the same maiden moving towards her again, this time carrying a colourful robe and adornments. She placed them on a table and called for her to stand before her, motioning to allow her to dress her naked frame. The robe was magnificent, deep rich colours, bordered with a wide crimson red silk that hugged the bodice and hem of the long flowing skirt of rich royal purple cloth, ordained with gold embroidery all over it and tied it with a rainbow colour organza sash. After placing jewels in her hair, the maiden then placed “The Orb” into her hands. No words were spoken she knew it was time to climb the staircase to the upper room. Reaching the stairs she pondered what was this Orb and what was she to do with it. Gazing into “The Orb” it all became very clear. “The Orb” had the “Earth” hidden inside in a secret chamber and she knew she had to protect it from danger.

             Climbing the golden staircase she also knew what awaited her in the upper chamber and was expecting to see the God Father once again, only this time it was the Goddess Mother seated behind the magnificent golden inlaid desk, a desk befitting only the Goddess Mother and God Father. Looking into the eyes of the Goddess Mother, she knew what it was she had to do. It was her task and hers alone to find a secret place that would protect “The Orb” she was to hide it from those wishing to harm it and destroy it for all time. No formal words were spoken, for in this place all was known and gifted to those present.

             With a nod, she turned to see many arches that led to the secret places in her heart and soul. She walked to a few arches to peer inside and felt they were not the safest place for “The Orb”. Closing her eyes, she once again called upon her Guide Ameba for guidance and with her eyes closed walked towards the arch her Ameba was taking her to. Once there she opened her eyes to see the perfect place, a hidden lagoon, lush with flora and a waterfall hiding the secret cave. The water was the most beautiful colour of iridescent green/blue that had never been seen upon the Earth Mother by any other human, only by her for this was her very secret place. Long ago she came to this place to heal and let go, now she came to this place to hide “The Orb” into the bosom of the secret cave where she would be the only one to know this location for it is within her, in her soul, in her heart and no one can go there without her permission.

             Walking through the lagoon towards the waterfall, moving through the veil of the falls up the steps to the cave there was a room made ready for “The Orb” to be placed. There was a soft purple velvet pillow with gold trim on a glass table. Raising “The Orb” above her head, she chanted a protection for this place and placed “The Orb” on the pillow. She then noticed a glass box and knew at once it was to be placed over “The Orb” to further protect it from harm. Doing so, she took one last lingering look, turned and walked through the veil of the waterfall, through the water to the other side. Turning to look one last time, pray for its safe keeping she lowered her hands, closed the vision, turned and entered the upper chamber.  With a smile a nod to the Goddess Mother she lowered her head and walked down the golden staircase, knowing fully that the Goddess Mother knew that all went well. As she descended the staircase she could see the maiden awaiting her return. Reaching the maiden she was assisted in removing the garment and jewels that would remain within the walls of the crystal chambers.

             She slept through the remaining of the dawn till mid morning when she woke, she felt well, and a good amount of the body pain had gone. Pondering she wonders, was this something that she had agreed to do and had forgotten? Was this something needed to be done and by not doing it the physical had to suffer in so many ways? She still ponders the full purpose of her journey and wonders what else she may have forgotten?


The Secret Lagoon (protected by the Sisterhood of the Goddess)

Insight from dreams on Dec. 2, 2012

I have been having dreams of late, that are showing me events and helping me understand more about the nine ceremonies that were performed in the summer of 1998.  When chatting with Guy about it, it was after those ceremonies that the energies shifted and events started to activate moving the world population toward the chaos it is in now.

The first dream was a woman standing before me, moving her right arm across her body and off to the right, like a flick of the hand.

She said:  "You are not ready" This she repeated three times.

I fully understand that message: The human race is not ready to move towards a peaceful existence, they have not stepped into their compassionate heart to raise the collective consciousness to the level needed for world peace. They need to learn respect of self and respect of others equally.

Then the next night I had a very vivid dream with three parts in it.


The past:

  1. The first part was connected to the ceremonies and took place in the past, the years of 1998 – 2000.

These ceremonies were to awaken and connect the humans towards a new beginning. However, we did not realize then, that it would take years to fully become activated and for the human race to be ready to accept a world of peace.

The Present:

  1. The second part I felt the earth shift and it shook the planet in the present year of 2012.

This shift may lead us into the new shift coming at the end of Dec. 2012 That may not be what many are looking for. That shift just may bring about more chaos and lessons to learn from.

The Future:

  1. The third part I was above the earth watching from afar - the earth was lifted up and replaced, then repositioned into a new axis then something seemed to pick it up and make a small adjustment in this new place. I felt the bump of it all and that was in the future - 2020.

As we are all aware, the global weather is having extremes in heat and cold and weather is often more violent, the mountain glaciers melting, raising the water levels. If one believes in the collective consciousness then the weather patterns just may be attributed to the amount of anger and frustration been projected by the masses. Spiritually speaking – we believe that all of the creation is connected – linked like the roots of trees in the forest. (If you saw the movie Avatar – you will remember how they lived connected to all energy) Those that are energy sensitive may understand this more than those that are not. Negativity brings about more chaos and that places more frustration upon all.  

The three scenes in this dream repeated three times, I woke between each one and when I fell back asleep it repeated. Talking to Guy about the dreams that I had last night, I was attempting to figure it all out and what it meant. Seeing that the scenes were repeated three times I looked up the number 3 in numerology:

The number three: The Divided, Triangle, Multiples, The Holy Trinity, Faith, Hope and Charity, Expression Joy of Living. People must discover, both as an individual and as a group member, their capability of Expression.

Summation: I can gather that the human race has a need to come together with optimism and enthusiasm toward a better world – however, the true thought is “come together” in thought and deed for the survival of this planet and a race of people that will live in peace together. This cannot be achieved in the chaotic way we are living in the present.

The time span between 1998 and 2020 is 22 years. (22 is a powerful master number in numerology)

            The changes for the human race started to shake up around the world in 1998. At the present year 2012 it has gotten worse and as I am preparing to post this to The Orb in 2013 chaos worldwide has gotten out of control, more than it has ever been. Cultures attacking each other, civil wars in many places, the fall of empires the loss of capital and senseless shootings by young adults and even children. The changes coming will either continue to worsen until 2020 – or – by the time we reach 2020 a correction in human behavior will have been made and the shifts necessary in the human consciousness will have placed the planet into its next orbit and we will benefit from this horrendous mess this planet is in.

That gives us seven more years living in chaos – or – seven years to clean it all up. Not sure yet about it all and was hoping to receive more information last night, but alas they let me sleep.

The next morning I thought that I would present this dream to the “4” visionaries and see what they saw in these dreams. 

TLC - Telsie

 The Changes / Shifts to come

Visionaries Perception as seen by the “4”

Understanding what happened after the nine ceremonies performed in 1998, Oct. 22, 2012

            “You are not ready” was the reply from the Goddess Mother, her hand moved across her body with a flick as if she was cleansing the earth and human consciousness. We are in the middle of this energy in 2012 and due to many pressures on our physical body, we have not adjusted to the changes yet. We have perceived the changes however we may not be ready to proceed with the next step. When the time is right we will all know what is needed to be done.

            Softer gentler energy exists next to the evil that lurks amongst us all. This feminine energy is very subtle and yet very powerful. It has the power to heal and the power to destroy, like the forces of water. We cannot hide from it but we can stand to the side and move out of the way as needed. Depending on our ability we will be positioned to use water for the force and power of the Goddess energy to assist in the balancing needed to nourish the minds of all to move the planet to the next phase in the evolution of the planet. It is our time now for the discarding of the old and sowing of the new seeds that will be birthed around the year of 2020.

             The past 1998 – 2000, the seeds that were sown has brought about the chaos that is in the present now 2012. Human consciousness has been blocked and it would appear that the young adults of the world have been programmed to bring forth this chaos, opening all eyes toward the huge imbalance and injustice that plagues the world. This was brought about by the many ceremonies performed by many light workers opening vortexes to assist toward the next stage.

             During these years 1998 – 2000 the new energies came in at Uluru and now 2012 we have been called again and motivated to play a part once again in finishing what we started back in 1998.

             In the dream 2012 the earth shifted and shook the planet, this may have been a shift in human consciousness as more are becoming aware of the changes and imbalance that we are moving through in the present. The human race is being introduced to and humbled by these forces at play. Signs of new growth in the minds of the human race, bringing about “Good over Evil” as Good will always prevail in time. This process is tedious but necessary for it to be a lasting force towards peace it must be done right.

             Within the time span of 22 years (Master Number 22) from 1998 – 2020, we are now over the hump in 2012 (the end of the Mayan Calendar) and have eight years to seam this energy to repair the rifts and help when and where needed to make a new era happen. Those called to do so, have been given the tools, the power and have been moved to the locations best suited for them to complete their missions. They are working in smaller, silent groups and are not buying into the events that some are awaiting their transformation December 12, 2012. This shift will take time and cannot be hurried. Mother Nature will have her say in the next eight years with many earth changes that will also assist in the repositioning of the “Earth’s Axis” for the next stage.

             The world is headed down a slippery path and the chaos from around the world will need a few more years before the human race wakes up and realizes what is important to all. As humans, we need to learn the importance of LOVE, RESPECT, and HUMILITY so that we can shift into the ways of a peaceful civilization. Learn to appreciate the commonalities and respect the differences between all races and countries.

             The new Songlines are being opened for the benefit of all, lay lines are shifting and repositioning to new locations all in preparation for the “Axis” to be moved when the time comes. When all the work is done and made ready for the actual re-positioning of the “Earth’s Axis” it will be done gently and will not place our beloved Mother Earth into harm’s way. Then we will move towards a “Peaceful Nation”.


With gratitude and respect to the “4” Visionaries 




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