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Sharing with TheOrb: Confirmation experiment by Mariana

Experiment on Seeds done with Positive, Negative, and No thought given. See Mariana’s experiment results in TheOrb Blog.


Please know that sharing your thoughts may help others resolve problems or assist then in making choices that will help them.


Angel’s are amongst us . . .

From: Mariana

Thought I'd share an experience with an Angel this afternoon.  After my doctor appointment today my husband and I went to Costco.  After we were finished shopping we went to their gas station there to fill up.  My husband of course used his credit card right.....He fills up the tank and comes back into the car and I asked him if he had his card.  Not sure why I asked but the last 2 times we've gotten gas I have asked him that question.  Never did before.  Well he says "yes" but looks for his card in his pockets and NO CARD.  I said a prayer and asked the Angels for help.  He talked to the attendant there and told them that the card just disappeared.  It was windy so maybe someone would find it and turn it in.  Well, we got home and my husband opened the back door of the car to take out his Kindle and voila there was his credit card on the floor.  Unbelievable but it happened!!!  There was no way the card could have gotten back there because he didn't open that door after getting gas.   Just thought I'd share with you something good for a change. :-)  My husband can hardly believe this has happened.  YAH!!!  Think this has shaken his belief system big time LOL.  :-)

Thank you Mariana what a wonderful experience and thanks also for allowing this to be published in TheOrb. I am sure that others will smile after reading this and feel hope fill them.


Cliff Preston "MIND &Visualization"

Dear followers of TheOrb.

My friend Cliff Preston in Ontario told me about his journey on healing with the “MIND” and visualization.  He has given permission to place his documentation of his three year journey on healing his heart.

Click on this link:

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