Healing the Body through the MIND, success stories.

"Let the Power that created your body, Heal your body” . . . . .
You have the Power within to heal your body . . .

First Note:

History of the illness:

Summer of 2011: I was finding it very difficult to walk. My right knee was in great pain and getting worse. Found myself unable to walk in the middle of the night and decided to have my husband take me to the emergency at Bridgewater Hospital.  X-rays were taken, it was discovered that I had Osteoarthritis and was given an injection into the knee to help with the pain. In the ensuing months, things became worse and I had purchased a cane to assist my walking plus more injections.  Then one time the Doctor said he would not give me another injection for they can also be very invasive to the area, possibly causing more problems. That was November 2011.  He gave me a prescription for Osteoarthritis that had a stomach blocker with it and he also was referring me to an orthopedic surgeon. It worked to a degree but need more stomach blockers.

All my life I had problems taking prescription drugs and would get many of the side effects. Telling the Doctor this he told me not to read the drug sheet. Guess he thought that I was conjuring up the side effects. WRONG!!! I did not read the fact sheet and I say this: NEVER DO THAT!!! Being on this medication for almost nine months my hair began to fall out.

June of 2012:  I suffered a mini stroke.  My world seemed to be falling apart. Test and x-rays and high blood pressure and more drugs to take led me to write to my alternative health community, and they sent me many e-mails NOT to take a STATIN drug for lowering the cholesterol. I was sleeping almost 24 hours a day, barely getting up to make a meal or eat. If I had read the side effects of all the medications: Most said: if you experience this or worse, STOP taking the drug and go to the emergency. I was experiencing most of the worse and severe ones not listed and the pharmacist had to do some research deep into the combination as to why my hair was falling out.  ALWAYS READ THE INFORMATION SHEET:

It was my pharmacist that came to the conclusion that I was one in the .0001% of the world population that cannot take pharmaceutical drugs.

June 17, 2013:  Back to my knee – two years later I finally had my appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon in Halifax.  New x-rays taken and met with Dr. Cody, she pulled up the x-rays: WOW – Shock – hold on taking a deep breath. Dr. Cody was to do a scope on the knee but she could not for the knee was bone on bone and no space for her to get the probe in. We would have to see another Orthopedic Surgeon that would be doing the knee replacement.

Returning home, I could not get my head around having surgery. Spoke to the pharmacist and he told me that I would need to be on medication during and after surgery. Well, that was scary for I knew the effects drugs had on me. Had a pity party for about two weeks and cried a lot for I thought there was no other choice but to see myself in a lot of pain and in a wheelchair.

Put the brakes on Time to read my alternative notes: Time to return to my grass roots in the metaphysical world, to get real on myself and start working on healing my knee.

It is just amazing how one falls into the fear factor of western medicine and we follow like sheep into what the medical teams say’s we have to do.

Time Out – STOP:  I have the power the means and the will to mend my body. I am (or my mind is) created in the image of the Divine and the Divine Mother/Father did not create any junk.  I (WE) have been given the wonderful connection through our MIND (that cannot be detected by a scientific way, yet is spoken about daily).  The MIND is the key to healing the body. YES:

June 27, 2013: New Beginning: Making up my MIND – to work out 5 – 6 times a week on the Bow Flex, to walk normally with NO cane and to heal my body.

HOW: Follow my line of thinking: Some may say this cannot be done – however, I am bent on proving my point.  I thought about a baby, small, has soft bones, cartilage, as the baby grows so do the bones and the cartilage…. Hmmm, we break bones in the body, they are stabilized and they mend, the bone knits itself together – even amazingly really bad fractures mend.

I had seen an x-ray of my knee – over ¾’s was bone on bone NO cartilage except for a wee bit on the outer side of the knee. My MIND begins to ponder. If the cartilage grows as we grow and bones can mend, then why can I not direct the cartilage in the right knee to grow. There is a small amount to work with.  Through meditation, linking with my MIND and asking it to completely heal my knee, grow new cartilage and relieve my form pain.

July 28, 2013: It has been a mere ONE month; I am walking up and down the stairs, no pain. Going shopping, NO cane, NO pain, and walking normally.

It also has been eleven months from taking any pharmaceutical drugs, so the residual effect of them is long gone. Did you know that medication stays in your system for up to 190 days?

I continued to work with and through my MIND many times each day, also during my workouts and before falling asleep. During these times, directing my body to be as it should be with 100% pure source energy that comes from the Divine and that my body is perfect in every way. There is no need for any disorder, disease or dysfunction to be carried within this pure energy in my body. The MIND is created in the image of the Divine and like any parent, only the best is wanted for the children of the Divine Source. 

When you discover what the MIND can do for you, please write to me: mahalo22@eastlink.ca

Respectfully presented through LOVE and Divine Source Energy . . . TLC - Telsie

Second Note:

Aug. 7, 2013

            On Aug. 6, 2013 while I was sitting in the Transformational Pyramid and was having healing energy mirrored from my good left knee into the right knee I was gaising into my knee when a hummingbird came to me. She hovered about three inches from my right knee, her beak pointing directly to the knee and them up to me back and forth for maybe thirty seconds. I do not know why she had come or why she left, perhaps when I noticed her, my aura / energy may have shifted. Whatever the reason, I could feel that she brought a message and a very important one. Not only a message but a blessing to the healing that has taken place in this knee.

            After speaking to my friend about this, the notion came to look up the message of the hummingbird in “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews.  It was on the last lines that the message came very clear.  The writing mentioned that the long migration each year was a great accomplishment for such a journey.

Page 159:

            “But it does, and because of it the hummingbird is a symbol of accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.”

Reading these words “accomplishing that which seems impossible” was the message received load and clear. Healing my knee is a gift from Divine Source through the power of the MIND.  For we are created in the image of the God/dess and that is not a physical image – it is the image of the MIND that has the capability of achieving things that others would deem impossible.

Respectfully presented through LOVE and the Hummingbirds message . . . TLC – Telsie



update: Oct. 27, 2013

On November 18th I have an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon for my knee. They will be taking a new x-ray and it will be very interesting to see what progress has been made in my healing. I will update the information after that date. Keep good thoughts in your MIND for me as I will also.


Third Note: Nov. 22, 2013

Nov.18, 2013: Kept my appointment with Dr. Nadia L. Murphey in the Orthopedic Assessment Clinic at the Valley Regional Hospital. Had new x-rays taken interview with the nurse followed by assessment by Dr. Murphey. We talked for a few minutes going over how I was feeling and if I had any pain associated with my right knee. My answers were all positive and told her that I was walking well and not using a brace or cane anymore.

She then pulled up the x-ray and my eye’s practically popped out of my head. WOW that is a big improvement, I said! My husband looked over and agreed, also to his amazement and we were grinning from ear to ear. Then the Doctor said, it is Osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease. My reply again was that I had accomplished a healing on that knee with my MIND and that it had greatly improved.

She then pulled up an x-ray from the past and said that it had degraded further. Thank God my husband was there for he noticed the date of the x-ray and it was back in Aug. 2011, my first x-ray. We asked her to please pull up the x-ray from June 17, 2013 and when that was up there was a clearer view and a big improvement.

Dr. Murphey turned and looked at me with a smile she announced: YOU DO NOT NEED A KNEE REPLACEMENT: Keep doing what you are doing and I wish you could teach my patience about this.

I would be happy to do so, but I can’t see the hospitals having me do so. ;-)

I continue to use my MIND to heal my body for many different reasons and to date Jan. 2015 have not used pharmaceutical drugs and have not been to a doctor.

“Let the Power that created your body, Heal your body”

 Be Mindful and use your MIND

With Love and Kindness I give my thanks to the powers that be and to myself for taking charge and working through the pain to be able to walk without pain.

Respectfully written


😀 I know I will 😀


Cliff Preston "MIND &Visualization"

Dear followers of TheOrb.

My friend Cliff Preston in Ontario told me about his journey on healing with the “MIND” and visualization.  He has given permission to place his documentation of his three year journey on healing his heart.

Love you as you are and as you will be . . .


Jan. 15, 2010

My loving Wife of thirty years passed away after 17 years of battling Encephalitis. The result of one mosquito bite, also known as WEST NILE DISEASE.

I was heartbroken.

August 3, 2011

Labour Day weekend, I suffered a heart attack and ended up in hospital getting three stents placed near my heart.

I was instructed to take medications including a Staten drug and daily dose of Aspirin. Both of which I refused.

May 17, 2012

I went to hospital to have another stent placed in my veins. I lay on the operating table watching them pushing the tube up my arm to insert the stent, when they said it was not necessary.

A short time later, the surgeon came to my room and said there was no need for the stent and I should not have any serious problems.

He said “Just get a check-up every six months.”

At this point in time, I decided to use inner visualization to restructure my heart and damaged veins around the heart.

I did this visualization technique every day and sometimes twice or more per day. Right up to the present.

Two or three days later, while at home, I received a phone call from the office of another surgeon. The secretary told me I was scheduled for open heart surgery in two days. I replied that I would decide if I needed surgery and who was the Doctor she was speaking for? She mumbled a name I had never heard before, so I said, “Tell your ambulance chasing boss to go to hell.” I hung up the phone.

August 2012

I went to the heart Specialist who was originally assigned to me, for my six month check-up.

Immediately, when the Doctor came into the examination room, he said, “You are supposed to have open heart surgery”.   

I replied with an emphatic, “No I’m not, and where did you get that info?”

The Doctor said it was on the hospital report, which he had in his hand.

I took the report from his hand and read it. It was signed by the surgeon at the hospital, but it was exactly opposite to what had been told to me at the hospital in May. At this point, I told the Heart Specialist that I believed someone was lying, and the only way I would agree to open heart surgery would be if I arrived at the hospital in an ambulance feet first.  

The poor Doctor was shaking like a leaf.

May 2013

Went to the Heart Specialist for an ultra sound. The doctor adjusted the medications. I still refused Statins.

October 2013

Went for another ultra sound. When the Doctor analyzed the results, he came to the examination room, walking in shaking his head. When I saw him shaking his head, I said, jokingly, “ So, Doc, are you worried I will die before I get out of your office?”

The Doctor looked strangely at me and said, “I don’t know what is going on, but your heart is working perfectly. What are you doing?”

I did not tell him what I was doing.

I was following the understanding that the MIND is always in control of the body.

Therefore, if one programs the subconscious in a highly positive way, then highly positive results naturally occur.

I believe the heart attack was a result of my anguish at losing the wonderful person I loved.The return to a healthy heart is the result of my own positive input and visualization.


Cliff Preston BCH, CHI

Thank you Cliff for your inspiring account and allowing it to be published here.

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