Changes occur when least expected

We learn, grow and change our Perceptions


Perceptions vary in everyone’s life as we perceive events in many different ways!

It all starts when a soul decides to enter this world we call Earth. We are taught and schooled in the ways of our parents and what their knowledge is as it had been handed down to them.

Some Soul’s have kept a trace of their memory before being born. These faint memories push them to explore deeper into what they need to learn and find the path that motivates them toward a greater understanding. They tend to never be completely satisfied and push for more answers, toward finding a deeper connection, understanding that may be acceptable.  Receiving information telepathically, and sometimes idea’s just pop into the mind thus creating a different perception. This may keep them satisfied for the moment, and then the search begins again. These people often become trailblazers or travelers in space and time, coming back with ideas.

Others may be fixed into what their human form is moving through, perhaps focusing only on that which is surrounding them in past memory.  Their perception remains that of what they have been taught and have experienced and seen. They may also think more about their past rather than focusing on the present moment. This keeps some locked within the past or fearful of exploring new thinking. This may stop them from reaching their full potential. Often they seem to live for the trauma - drama play in their lives, thus becoming stuck within that cesspool and negative energy. This stops the flow of positive energy and the movement towards greater possibilities in all areas of their life.

As a person learns, change occurs, they may move into a place of higher consciousness that motivates changes in the life that is perceived in the present. Taking the time to view past events, emotional upheaval, illness, joy – the seeker may see that these events forged changes toward a thinking that for some, may be scary (and they decided not to explore it) and others may wish to ignore it completely, while others embrace that new thought and research out towards a newer understanding, then embracing that thought make it part of their life.

It is within these shifts of thinking the individual has the opportunity to change their perception. This allows new to replace the old thinking, bringing about a different understanding for the future. The smallest changes made within a belief through the acceptance of many different perceptions will inspire the transformation needed to move forward. These minute changes facilitate a stronger connection to the power that some call God, Goddess or all the many other names for the “Deity of the ONE.”

If anyone has read my account of Healing the Body through the MIND you will have seen a progression of thought that assisted this journey for the writer. Others have shared their accounts of healing their body, their experiences and accomplishments.  It is hoped that these accounts will help others to find the power of the MIND to assist them in healing.

Once an understanding is accomplished, allowing the minute changes within a different perception to take form, a slightly different belief moves into place. It is here the writer found that the holographic world perceived in the old way was like wearing an albatross around the neck. This kept freedom at bay and illness alive to plague the physical body.  Good news, that albatross can be lifted off and a whole new world immerges. Fear is left behind; life is embraced fully as a wonderful adventure, and joyfully explored with complete faith. 

December 2013 was a turning point in my belief that even my wildest dreams would not have allowed me to traverse that gap. Clarity forged a new perception that we do live in a holographic world. The body is temporary and will die. The Soul will move on and lives for eternity. The Soul returns to free flowing energy and in time may decide to play again.

Interestingly I knew all this; however I truly did not apply it like I am at this moment. Now I see the Soul deciding to take a physical form to experience a video game and enjoy all the perceptions, illusions, trauma drama that life on Earth can provide. These are lessons and feelings to exploit with no expectations placed upon the Soul. It is just a game of life. Yes a game. Just like players play on line or go to an arcade, it is a game.

For the writer, the smallest change in thinking brings in mega fractal pieces of information that shifts the energy into a new way. Seeing, feeling, hearing all the bits and pieces of this holographic world have lifted the albatross. The heaviness, stagnation, emotional roller coaster and physical pain have been replaced with a compassionate love, joy, smile and complete wonderment about it all.

Game on, let’s play! Question is do we play in the holographic or virtual world?


The Path

Accounts on how my perceptions changed once again:

Direction from my husband led me to listen to YouTube videos about healing assistance from the Arcturians. These videos were the product of a very young teenager that had just turned sixteen and he says he remembers where he came from and that he is guided to bring information to those seeking. After listening to a few videos, that evening I was not feeling all that well so I decided to call upon the Arcturian race and ask for energy to assist me through the physical and emotional pain.

During the time the Arcturians worked on me there was an overwhelming peaceful feeling. Very calming and I felt unconditional love envelop me as I drifted off to the best sleepI've had in years. In the morning I felt fantastic and energized.

I wanted to learn more and to understand more. I kept on watching the videos finding that much of the information was nothing new for me, but then the odd time something would pop into my mind and stick there.  One of those thoughts was “The Central Sun.”  I became interested in what is astronomically called “The Galactic Center” the center of our Galaxy. From this point, I will refer to The Galactic Center as “The Central Sun,” for I am a spiritual being, not an astronomer. Feeling drawn more than ever to communicate with this space I choose to call upon “The High Council of The Central Sun.” It just seemed to be right to call upon them. Perhaps it was something that I remembered.

My first meeting with The High Council was (for lack of better words) out of this world (I also like to joke). All my life I have been able to receive information telepathically and visually.  Information from The High Council came to me and answers to my questions came in and brought clarity along with healing the pain in my body.

For a few days I called upon both the Arcturians and “The High Council of The Central Sun” and then it became very clear for me to send my request directly to the “THC of TCS.” It has been only a few short weeks. I am finding that in this newest understanding my life appears a lot simpler. This simplicity has strengthened my belief and brought in another level of clarity. Along with that came a deeper meaning toward Peace, Love, and a Compassionate Heart.

 “We are here to enjoy the ride, not to fret or allow fear to guide the way”.



As the healing energy came from “The High Council of The Central Sun” they guided me to breathe in the energy, rather than feeling it around the outer edges of the body. This allowed the vapors to fill every cell from the inside-out. I continued to breathe deeply and slowly as I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, having no pain in the body I slept through the night.

Having the gift of sight through visions and the gift of hearing through telepathic communication has always been there for me. Throughout my life, I wished for the information that came to me to be pure and not be glossed over by other writings or interpretations.

“Do not read something and make it your experience”

Everyone receives communications in many different ways which bring us a diversity of different perceptions.  These perceptions may have slightly different understandings. An individual’s perception is for that person to learn from and understand. Messages that are given and visions were seen are for that person to believe in and use for their highest good. When the seeker takes the time to piece together these experiences, they gain a wider spectrum of their particular journey at that time.

Having said that, I write my experiences to assist in the healing of others to believe in their own power and help others search for what is the best path for them. I have found that the smallest thought or word heard if paid attention too, leads to great discoveries that once found bring about significant changes in perceptions. The words I heard in the video that I was watching was “The Central Sun” and “Saraswathi” my body filled with a tiny tingling sensation that made me rewind and listen to the content of those words. Through meditation and asking questions about “The Central Sun” I was told or felt that it would be beneficial if I contacted “The High Council of The Central Sun”. That led me to my next step in healing the body with their assistance.

*** “Saraswathi” is a Sanskrit word:

In Sanskrit, Sara means “essence” and Swathi means “Arcturus,” so essentially, wisdom personified can be thought of as the “essence of Arcturus.” Also, the name is connected to the Goddess of scripture, art, and creation.

This has great meaning to me. If more information is needed for you, please request by sending an e-mail to  heading Saraswathi. Thank you ;-) 



There has been many a time where doubt drifted into my thoughts and the question. “Why Me”?  Why have I been blessed or cursed with the information highway dropping in and leading me toward another thought or experience, once again?

Yes, it is that roller coaster ride again. In the past, I thought that I needed to experience the highs the lows and everything between. Now with acceptance of what has been granted, I look at the roller coaster and say YES!  Let’s go and put my arms up into the air to feel the joy of the ride. Very interesting once this understanding and acceptance grew, clarity filled into all the questions that were floating around in my mind.  

I have said many times “You are the ONE that you have been waiting for!” That I do not take lightly, to me it is fact and the truth of each and everyone that searches for meaning in their life. The road traveled at times may seem uncertain. However, it is the road you are on that needs to be experienced and traveled. May I also suggest; watch out for the potholes and detours – they may take you off the path for a time, but fear not you will get back on the path when you are ready to explore more.

Once a person accepts their life as being in Divine Order, they can seek for the treasures that are hidden from view along the way.  At times feeling life is a hardship or filled with great joys or the loss of a relationship.  With many events in our lives at times, one may feel that the path we have chosen is very difficult. If you come to that feeling or perceive it as very difficult, changing how you look at life and all that is around you may bring about the necessary way to go.  

Case in point: I lost a good friend this past December due to a misunderstanding. Sent an apology and asked for forgiveness. However, it was denied. That was very upsetting. In a short time, I was given the understanding that it did not matter. At times some relationships block the way for the traveler. Remembering all is in Divine Order. From that moment the informational highway opened up to me with these new experiences, teachings, and understanding. The teaching may be new to me, or not, maybe just forgotten for a time. This brought in the healing from the Arcturians and then my connection to “The High Council of The Central Sun.” Most definitely, events, perceptions, and acceptances are in Divine Order if allowed to be.

Tip 1: When troubling thoughts, relationships or faltering beliefs occur you might change your perception by sitting in a different chair, or rearrange the furniture, and do not use your normal chair. Why? Just by making the smallest changes in one's daily habits it will promote changes in how your perceptions are perceived.

Allowing troublesome events to “just be” rather than getting caught up in its drama just may be the difference between enjoyment and suffering.


Tip 2:  Do you have problems being misunderstood at times? ~or~ Have the feeling that you are talking to this person and they seem to not be listening?

Try moving to a different seat. If you normally talk to this person and you are on the right side of that person, next time move to the left side. See if the person is more involved with what you are saying. Move to be seated across the room, or rearrange your seating that they do not even notice you’re sitting differently. I switch our chairs often; just to keep the conversations we have active and interesting.


Jan. 2014 Messages:

Messages to (MB)

“Do not read something and make it your experience”

Many seekers search outside of self to find what is truly held within every cell in their physical form. Some even read a phrase and take on that energy as if it was theirs. It is better to experience events in life and form your own opinions. Thus allowing your belief to grow on a solid platform and form your understanding from your truth.

It is best to move through time/space and find you, your “Soul” and see what it is that your Soul has been designed to take part in as you have come to do. All is “ONE” however the difficult part is learning how to think like the ONE when you feel separated from the ONE in this fractured holographic world. Once achieved then YOU will discover why you have chosen to be here in the flesh again.

Remember to BE yourself first, allow your instincts to guide you and DO research what you want to learn. Making sure it resonates with you completely, remembering to be flexible for perceptions can change rapidly once the seeker is on the right track. Every event in your life has led you along the path to where you stand this very moment. Best be willing to change and accept new thoughts as your perceptions will change with each discovery of who YOU are.

Being flexible allows for less stress when searching by just knowing that your belief may change course in one minute or one year or never.

Love you as you are and as you will be  . . . TLC

Messages to: LP

There are many God’s and Goddess’s, they are all of the “ONE” it is a misperception that there is only one God/dess. When a person becomes advanced in thinking they realize that we are not alone in the universe and we all live within the “ONE” and this will always be so.

Be at Peace, Be the Love, have compassion for all of creation.

Love you as you are and as you will be . . . TLC

Messages to: WP

God is only a name for the Source of ALL THAT IS; the Collective Council is God source and those that understand that feel the presence of LOVE and LIGHT and are filled with Compassionate LOVE for all. Be blessed my friend and one day you will understand, ask questions and doors will open to you and you will feel it in your heart and soul.

Love you as you are and ad you will be . . . TLC

Messages to: KM

When you have not experienced telecommunication, have problems with visualization, then you would be one that doubts this information. Once you experience the power of this energy, the love, and peace that fills you, then you will understand. Take a look at your life and see if there is anything that you could say was presented to you in thought or a vision, start to log these events and soon you will have a belief-forming that there is something beyond the physical world that assists many.

I pray your higher consciousness will assist you in opening up to the energy and fill you with Love and a Compassionate heart.

Love you as you are and as you will be . . . TLC


More to come . . .

The discovery of healing the body is an ongoing adventure – please visit often as new information will be presented . . .


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