Why is dying an unspoken truth of living?


Why this is important!

To our beloved followers and those that have come here for the first time I wish to acknowledge the dreadful pain we are met with when a loved one is passing.  Mariana’s courage to write these articles is outstanding to say the least. That brings me to “WHY” we have brought this to your attention. I pray you do not brush this topic aside and that you will talk with your children, family and friends on this delicate topic.

Feeling that the more we do talk about it, research it and find a strong belief, it will assist in helping the one making their transition and also assist those that are left behind. We are here for you and support you in any way we can. We may not have all the answers; however we have gone through this pain, the loss and the heart ache.

Both Mariana and I wished that we had known more, wished that our parents would have talked to us about living until we die. There is a saying: “We are born to die!” As this topic is not comfortable to any, I will say this. “The more this has evolved here; my comfort about this very sensitive subject has brought me just that COMFORT”.

Please read, talk about it and do your own research. If you have something to share please send it to us.


Oracle of Life

❤By: Mariana

A Mothers lament:

The pleading look of panic and fear was on her face.  I was at a loss as to how to comfort her to calm the terror and fright that I felt coming from her.  She was so scared!

MOMMY!!!  MOMMY!!! She hollered to me even though I was standing right next to her.  She was in awful pain both physically and emotionally.   The drugs she had gotten were wearing off.  The hospital staff was supposed to be keeping her comfortable as possible, but right now she wasn't.  I went into the hall and told the nurses that something needed to be done so that she was not in so much pain.  It wasn't time for her meds yet, but I kept at them until they finally gave her something.  She was so young, only 48 years old, and now she was going to make her transition.  What a shock to everybody.  She was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer of which she knew nothing about until the very end.  She was diagnosed and within 2 weeks she was gone.  Everyone was stunned!  How could this happen.  No one could "wrap their head around what was happening".  The doctors were saying that there was nothing to be done except to keep her comfortable.  I was told at that time she had maybe a couple of weeks left before she would die.
There were two children she was leaving behind on this earth.  So much unfinished business to take care of in a very short time.  Her daughter was so brave.  She took on the responsibilities of taking over the remnants of her life to get things in order for her.  I stayed at the hospital with her during her last days on this earth comforting her the best I knew how.  I didn't know anything about how to be with someone who was dying let alone my daughter.  The only thing I knew how to do was to do what came naturally and that was to be there for her night and day. I wanted to help her get well and prayed for that.  It wasn't fair that she was dying, and I certainly didn't want to accept that except it was staring me directly in the face. 
I stayed with her day and night for a few days and then friends and family coaxed me to go home and get some good sleep.  I did that only to be awakened very early that morning saying that my daughter wasn't doing well and to go to the hospital as quickly as possible.  All of the family was notified and we all met at the hospital.  Most of us didn't get there in time to say our last goodbye before she passed.  We were all ushered into a room where her body was laying on the bed....so still..... and cool to the touch.  Her spirit was gone from her body and just the shell was left on that bed.  She wasn't there anymore.  I touched her arm, held her hand, and looked at her peaceful face.  Something inside me said that she was ok.  She wasn't suffering anymore and I was and am so grateful for that. 

It Doesn't Matter Any More!!!

Why do I say things like this to myself. This is in no way positive. Tears come to my eyes as I write. The loss of my daughter Laurie pops up and makes me so very sad. Do things not matter in my life because Laurie has decided to make her transition? Shouldn't be that way. I should be kind to myself because of my loss. I know in my heart that she is ok and doing well on the other side. She has come to me many times. She doesn't say anything but she appears to me in different ways. Such a great loss. I didn't know that her not being here would make such a difference to me. Yes we had our differences and she was a shit to me a lot of the time, but she was still my child.

Need to look at the lessons here. Need to get the sadness out of my body so that I won't get sick because of the emotional turmoil I am going through. Perhaps something good will come of my experiences with her death.

I felt so helpless when I was in the hospital with her when she was dying. It seemed like nothing I could tell her would soothe her restless soul. I talked with her and held her hand, rubbed her back, brushed her hair. Tried to do what I could to help her to be more comfortable. She was in so much pain! There was nothing for me to do except be there for her.

Perhaps from this situation can come assistance for other people. The subject of death is such a taboo subject in our culture. No one wants to talk about the 'unmentionable'. Everyone is going to die! I am grateful that she wasn't alone when she made her transition. Her son was with her as was a lifetime friend of hers. Her son was holding her hand as she passed and he is only 15 years old. I must be brave and talk with him about what has happened. It is a natural part of the cycle of life and is just as important as being born. We just go back to where we came from. Those of us who are left behind feel the grief, but for the people who die, they are at peace once again, continuing the journey of their soul.

Dear Mariana, Such a powerful writing. Honest, raw, no holds barred, healing, touching, amazing!!! Thank you for having the courage, and including me.

Love Kabba

Dr. Kabba Anand, D.Ac.  

👍By: Randy G.

Since you emailed me, I will respond thus.

You said: “The pleading look of panic and fear was on her face. I was at a loss as to how to comfort her to calm the terror and fright that I felt coming from her. She was so scared!”

There is a story about the Buddha and a mother carrying a dead child. She laid the child at the Buddha's feet and pleaded, "I have heard that you have the power to bring life back to the dead! Please save my child!" She had that look, too.

He said, "Very well. All you have to do is visit nearby or far away houses. Find one wherein there has been no loss, where nobody in the family has lost a loved one to death. Bring me seeds of cardamom from that home and I will bring life back to your child."

The mother rushed away, certain of her task. The first four homes had recently lost a grandparent. In the next home, a father had died. She tried countless homes and wearily returned to the Buddha. "I know what you were trying to teach me - there is no home that has not lost loved ones to death. I will return to my village to honor my child's funeral."

It's unfair, Horrific, Unthinkable, and reality.

Thank you Randy 🙂

Why is dying an unspoken truth of living?

By: TLC-Telsie

We are born, most often screaming our lungs out (ever wonder why) then when we make our transition we move into the next stage of life in peace.  We learn through trial and error. At times there are moments of euphoria in our hectic world. And we search for the Oracle that would explain the meaning of life itself.

What is missing from the teachings that keep the human race searching for the missing lessons? Is it fear of not knowing? Is it the sorrow of letting go of a loved one? Or is it death alone that fears us most?

Yes there are many writings about the meaning of life. And what we should do or not do to help move through life. But what about preparations for that wonderful moment when we die or make our transition?

Is it the emotional feelings that keep us from a healthy discussion on coming to the crossroads of life and death? There are times when it is not just the elderly coming closer to that moment. There are times when the young die way ahead of what we think their time should have been.

We prepare our children for life and teach them right from wrong and so many things. Do we talk about it with our family members and the young children? Sad to say, it may just be taboo to do so!

Have you had that conversation about dying?  If you have, I honour you for doing so and for taking that step with your loved ones.

Learning more each day about living our lives in preparation for the next stage in our journey the transition back into spirit and what I call home again.

That brings me to the unasked question . . .

Why is dying an unspoken truth of living?

 ❤By: Alan D.

Hello Telsie;       Interesting topic:  Death and Dying, at times can be painful to the one experiencing and the one witnessing the transformation. As watching a loved one physically experiences pain and the pain of feeling helpless.

Although in the scriptures (Christian) it talks about the valley of the shadow of death, and if you believe in Jesus you will not experience death. But we actually do not know or remember if we believe we have done the death thing before. I have talk to ones who have experienced death like Dannion Brinkley; to him the dead part was beautiful.

My sister made her transition into the afterlife with a slight smile on her face. My wife Joanne died of a heart attack and when I was in pain I asked her for help and a Light came beside my chair and talked to me and made a joke that had me laughing.

The physical is where we can experience death or a giving up of the body and to us the other person has gone, all the physical experiences seem to go as well, the physical touching is gone for us too, we can no longer feel their presence, we become addicted to the physical and it becomes our truth, our reality. 

Even though I can't see or touch you Telsie, my mind (the great illusion creator) believes you are still in the physical so I feel secure in that knowing. But a phone call could change all that. Even though I did not witness your passing, it would be real and I would feel the loss. Funny thing the human mind and emotions are, loss or perceived loss seem real.

My sisters passing I heard about even though I talked to her once a week or more it feels real, I could call her in my mind, and talk to her. I had a dream of being with my wife who died in our bedroom, and that felt real, until I woke up to this dream and she was not there. Life, mind, experience, real, the past feels like a lot of different dreams I had, and today I am dreaming a new dream, again.

Love and Gratitude, Alan

❤By: Sue

Why is dying an unspoken truth of living?

Telsie, this subject is something I am very interested in. I have always felt that dying was likely, if as above so below, more the fulfillment of life rather than its end.

Something inside me has always known that death is not what we are taught it is, nor is it something to be feared. With most humans that which we do not understand, we fear. This is seen in every area of our social structure and in every fight we have ever had amongst ourselves and in the way we interact with one another each day. I think anything that can bring more understanding is wonderful.

Part of the beauty of this life is its impermanence. When someone we love dies, we get to experience such loss, such grief, such sorrow- what a blessing to experience these amazing emotions! We also can see we have a limited time here in which to put in our two cents, which is a good thing. We all need to go home someday.

A friend of mine told her mother, who was on her death bed, "Don't think you are going anywhere so far away you can't hear me bitch!", and I think that's true too.

Yesterday my nephew had a minor surgery, nothing to worry about, but he was a little scared. I asked my deceased father in the morning to watch over him as he had the surgery. While the family is waiting at this hospital, a screen in the waiting room gives the status of surgeries for each patient, and each patient is given a code name to keep this private. My nephew's code name was Bill. Bill was my father’s name.
Love Sue

When is it best to say a goodbye?

❤By: TLC- Telsie

If you listen to your heart, more than likely you would wish to say never?

Something within me say’s the subject should never be closed! I remember reading a book long ago on building a strong marriage. And it said: ‘Never go to sleep if you are angry at each other.’ Take the time to make up and tell each other ‘I love you’. Perhaps this topic should never be closed and be openly talked about.

When looking at all the deaths of loved ones in my life, was it easy to say goodbye? No!

Even now when talking with my husband about dying, or reading a book on this subject, I get emotional and tears just fall. I guess the more we talk about it I will get past the emotions of loss and feel the JOY of their return home. This is what leads me further into this topic of Life and Death and how best to be prepared for these events like birth and death.

Talking with Mariana on this, we talked about birth and dying. Mariana said this; “Perhaps we should grieve when a baby enters this earth (for they may not know what they are getting into) and cheer when they return home.” However that is not what we are taught to do. We celebrate birth and each birthday. We even talk about the child’s future and help them set goals to reach what they desire to do. Then why do we not talk about the stages of death and not have a plan in place to celebrate if we can before their transition? Then why not talk about it? Because it’s a topic of pain for that is what is taught or we witnessed this deep sadness during times of loved ones in our family or friends that die. This loss is deep and hurts like hell and back. Why I say? Perhaps it’s because we do not talk about it until it’s too late!

I ask you this: Who are we grieving for? 

Is it the one that may make their transition or is it our own grief we fear? Perhaps our emotional self feels the loss coming no matter when it may occur and our emotional self has a problem of letting go.  These may be issues one may wish to come toward a greater understanding within one’s own beliefs or experiences. I believe if we all make a conscious choice to speak openly about this subject, when the time comes to face our pain, we may just have enough happiness and strength within to help the one making their transition home with ease.  Perhaps we will be filled with joy and love that for them the passing will be easier and they will not feel like they are deserting us.

Yes, I hear it also: There are times when it happens so quickly we have no choice but to feel the pain so deep within our heart and soul it is difficult to breathe. But then when this happens, and it has in my life with relatives and friends I say; “What a wonderful way for them to make their transition, that’s how I would wish to go also.”  Why? Well there would be no long lingering in pain or seeing the sad faces and emotional tears of those that visit, and I know there is more to living and it is dying!

Giving Permission!      There comes a time when giving permission to a loved one to say goodbye is very important. Sometimes I feel they linger for us and they wish not to feel our sadness when the time comes for them to go. 

Yes you will miss them! Yes you will have sadness to move through even when the knowing deep within your mind knows it’s the best for them not to linger another day.

Sometimes they appear to be waiting for something or someone to come and make peace. Not wishing to leave until a fractured relationship is mended.

There has been a few times when I talked with family members and their parent or sibling is lingering on when it is clear by the doctors and close family members that they need to make their transition.  However they seem to be waiting for something or someone.

My questions to them:

Have you given them permission to go?  Is there someone in the family or friend that has not come to say goodbye? Is there someone that has been on the outer edge and separated from them in a negative way? Is there something you have not said to them that you find difficult to do?

Once they think about it, they do get the answer and help in the resolve and then when no one is in the room the person makes their passage and returns home.  Coming back into the room, many have told me that they left peacefully with a slight smile on their face.

Now where do we get these ideas?

Is it that somewhere in the depth of our conscious memory we tap into that special memory from birth and we become aware of what is needed?  Is it because somewhere in our mind we can hear our thoughts even when these thoughts are not spoken aloud? Is the veil between our knowing that is thinning, where we can find many answers and the courage to continue on without them? 

Finding the words to say to comfort our loved one as we prepare for the celebration of their life, should come with ease.  If our loved one is making that journey home in the latter years of life, is it not like a graduation. Celebrations at all the levels of schooling are a big event these days. Well after living a full and long life is not the passage the graduation from living something to celebrate with joy and the abandonment of any and all fears we may have.

Somehow I just know!!!

Is it because my attempt to end my life failed so many years ago? Living at that time was so painful; I no longer wished to stay here. With a prayer made; “God if you take me home I know it was right for me to do. If you send me back! Well I know you have a greater plan for me.”  Three days I left my painful body lying and I do remember crashing into my body on my return. I heard a very bad word fly out of my mouth. “Xxxx I am back”. Then I heard the nurses talking about me and the comments were not kind.  Told them that I could hear them and one said “O’ My God” left the room to get the Doctor.

All I could think about is “Now what”?

What is it I needed to do?

Placed my trust into the fact I would be guided.  Following that guidance, I searched out different faiths, beliefs and spiritual connections. Found that writing was a way of giving back. Being open and honest about my life also was a way to support others. I have been giving back for almost 25 years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Also believing in life’s journey, experiences build a strong foundation to support life itself.  That is why what I hear or what comes from the depths within my mind, I know more than what I can understand at times.

When I say – Give Permission for your loved one to make their final earth journey back to the Spirit world it is important. I know it helps. And due to my connections with the other world we wish not to talk about – I know the importance of Living Life and enjoying the ride till our time is done.

The Transition:

Long ago, in my first marriage, my mother in-law was in the hospital and nearing her rite of passage. I witnessed a great event. Not wanting to leave her alone I stayed with her through the night.  To assist her breathing, the head of the bed was slightly raised. In the dim light room, I saw her lift her right arm up and point toward the ceiling as she spoke: “O’ Bright light, beautiful bright light and on the third time only said the word Bright” as  she lowered her arm and slipped away with a simple smile on her face. 

Not rushing to call the nurse. I sat there looking at her as she appeared to be having the most comfortable sleep she had in a long time. Not sure how long I sat, but finely got up and walked slowly to the nurses’ station to tell them that Mom passed in peace. There were no monitors on her and perhaps that is why I stayed. I am glad I did. That was so many years ago and I still remember her words and the peace that came with them. That moment gave me a glimpse into the other side of the veil.  Truly something that strengthened my belief.

It was a very different experience as to when my Mother passed. Her passing was when I was only 21 and she was in her early 50’s. My experience with death was very little. The anger, pain, frustration and heart break had me in a phone both across from her hospital room, screaming my lungs out at her for leaving me. I told her I needed her as my first born was not yet two years of age. I felt her passing and was extremely angry. Why when I look at how my mother in-law passed many years latter was there such a difference.  Perhaps it was due to my Mom leaving so early and her spirit self came to visit me for a year. You see, she passed when my baby was in hospital and we were taking turns being by her side. Mom left during that time. I think her spirit visited because she just wanted to check up on the baby and make sure everything was OK. Well that brought another glimpse into the other side of the Veil.

In conclusion may I suggest that this meaningful topic not stay a forbidden topic and become something we do teach our children? Perhaps a greater understanding and learning more will ease the sadness and bring an easy transition to the ones we love.

Be at Peace, Be the Love and the Support unto others.

IMPROVING BREAVEMENT LEAVE (One person's opinion.)

❤By: Wilma Whispers

You know, I have a bone to pick that has recently come to my attention.  It hit me between the eyes and in my heart that the time employees get off from work for bereavement of a loved one just is not enough time to even digest the event that has just occurred.  Yet for the most part grieving employees must return to work after only 3 days.  That means to make arrangements for a funeral, attend a funeral, take care of all of the details of that person’s life, and deal with the emotional shock of such an event. Oh yes, I know that there are occasions when a person may get a week off, depending on who the person was who passed. . . lets say a child for instance, or if their religious belief says they must grieve for the person who passed for a certain amount of time.  In general however the time allowed for a person who is grieving to get things in order and become emotionally stable enough to concentrate at work takes way more than 3 days. 
Thank goodness employers have recognized and have allowed maternity leave.  New fathers also get time off.  In the state of California Parents are allowed up to 12 weeks in a specified calendar to bond with new born, adopted children and foster children, or to cope with sever medical conditions due to the pregnancy.  They do not get paid during this time, but the time is available to them if they need it to readjust their lives or to deal with health issues.  This helps the new couple immensely in their new lifestyle and reduces the stress level in their new situation.  This is wonderful and the larger businesses who employ more than 50 people have access to these types of things.
There is an injustice that jumped out at me regarding these two situations.  A person who is grieving only gets three days to get themselves emotionally ready to return to work after the loss of a loved one.  It is unthinkable after having just lost a child that people must pull themselves together and return to the workplace after such a very short time.  I can't see that this helps a person in the least.  There are stages of grief that a person goes through that should allow for more time off so that a person can at least function in their job.  Returning to work too soon lowers production, and accidents can occur because a grieving person just isn't functioning the way they normally would. 
For the most part the work place has not allowed enough time for a grieving person to adjust to the lost of lets say a mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, or a child who had just made their transition.  Our society says lets ignore the situation and it will go away.  Why???  Probably because it is so painful that people don't want to think about it or address the need for a change.

Have a question or story to share . . . contact . . .

 TLC-Telsie   mahalo22@eastlink.ca  ❤Mariana marianag6@hotmail.com

Euthanasia (physician assisted suicide) . . .

❤By: TLC-Telsie           In Canada, the subject of doctor-assisted death has been in the news recently, as well as people in pain wanting this law to pass.  Quebec has passed a law about this for their province. However, the federal government is saying they can't do that for it is against the law. Euthanasia (physician assisted suicide) personally I believe in. Human’s that are suffering from pain and have a poor quality of life is a very difficult subject. It is a personal choice for everyone and I believe that each person should have the right to make that choice.  

❤By: Wilma Whispers           This subject has so many bits and pieces to it.  There are many definitions of different types of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.  I have discovered that euthanasia is one thing and physician-assisted suicide is another.  There are some interesting statistics between different ethnic groups of people in their views regarding this subject.  So I will write about what my opinion is on this subject.   Each state here in the USA has different laws about this too.
Needless to say, this is a very controversial subject.  However, it is, in my opinion, one that should be addressed.  The medical advances over the past, let’s say twenty years, has been phenomenal.  The lifespan of the human race has been extended by leaps and bounds.  However, what is the price that some people are paying for their life being saved?  These people are living without hope of ever recovering or living with dignity.  Is this what the human race calls progress and up to date in this day and age?
There are thousands of people who have gone through the rigors of medical miracles to save their life, and why not.  We all want to live.  Some people endure an endless succession of surgeries to remove organs, limbs, tumors, all sorts of medical treatments, medications and more to prolong their life.  When is enough, enough?  Why is it that we need to legally give our permission to end our own life when all there is, is suffering?  What happened to compassion for our fellow human?  Why is it that we have more compassion for our dogs, cats, horses and other animals than we do for our fellow human beings?

If I had the choice of making decisions like these I think this is what I would do.  I would accept any and all treatments that could prolong my life as long as the quality of my life was good.  When (if) things would change to me being bed ridden or living in excruciating pain all of the time, I don't see any reason to stay alive here on earth in this condition.  For one thing, if I was not in the hospital and living with family, how long would/could they endure watching such suffering?  If I was in a hospital what reason is there to keep a body alive when all there is, is the pain?  What purpose does this serve?  None in my opinion.

❤By: TLC-Telsie          Wilma, your compassion shines through and gives us all something to really think about. I hope that these thoughts will give the reader something to ponder. That we each find our truth in this subject and prepare to help others as we may also help ourselves.

Ponderings about Birth and Death

❤By: Mariana

Several years ago I began to explore our cultures thoughts about birth and death.  Why is it that we are so joyful when someone has a baby, and when someone dies there is sorrow?  What would happen if we thought the opposite?  What if we were sad when a baby is born and delighted when a person continues on their way and leaves their body behind?  I have mentioned this to many people over the years and most people look at me like I am nuts.  Perhaps my view is extreme, but it makes sense to me.  I thought that if it made sense to me that maybe some of my thoughts on these subjects could be shared by others as well. 
Here are some thoughts I have come up with.  I look at a newborn baby, and yes it is cute, and yes a baby learns at a phenomenal rate of speed, innocent, and full of love and energy.  Family and friends come around and admire the new member of the family.  "Such a blessing" or is it?  What is this baby going to do for fun?  What challenges will it face?  We all want a wonderful, easy, and a good life for that new life, but what are the realities.  This planet is one for learning, many say and as time goes on in this 21st century the challenges will become harder in some respects for them depending on what cultures do about many situations going on in the world like global warming for naming just one situation.  That little one will have many challenges in the space of their lifetime.  Will he/she do a good job?  No matter how this baby's life goes, as it grows up and matures to being elderly, how will this little baby handle what life has in store?  How will the parents raise it?  Will the child be a good child or a rascal always challenging their parents? We all want the very best for the baby, which is fine, but what really lies ahead?  Babies grow up and live life the best way that they can and most of the time it is filled with very difficult challenges.  Then we get to be senior citizens and the body begins to give way because it is worn out. 

So back to the original question.  Why are we happy when there is a newborn? 
To me when a person passes away, dies, leaves their body behind, it means no more suffering here on this planet.  We have been trained to believe that when a person leaves their body that it should be a sad time.  Yes, close family members express sadness and grieve.  In our culture right now that is how our culture handles death.  I beg to differ with that in a way.  Yes, it is sad for the close family, friends.  Why is that?  Well, we feel sorry for ourselves because they aren't here with us anymore.  What if we would take our attention away from ourselves and honor what has just happened to them.  They have made a transition to another realm.  The realm of peace, love, harmony, heaven if you will.  It would be great if when a person made their transition that others who are left behind celebrate and honor this person who has just joined all of his other ancestors and friends who have passed.  It seems to me that this is a happy time for that person.   

❤By: Shirley      Thoughts provoked by Mariana' s writings about death.

I believe our reaction to birth and death is totally selfish. We are pleased to greet a new little person just as we are pleased to make a new friend or meet a person we have not seen for a long time. On the other hand, there is a gap left when someone moves away, breaks a friendship, emigrates or dies; a gap that often it is impossible to fill and the ones left behind have no wish to fill.

I have seen panic too in bereaved people -'How am I going to manage?' 'I won't be able to go on holiday now!' 'How will I pay the bills?' " help, I cannot drive!" and so on. This is why couples should share responsibilities over bills and jobs around the house then the one left has some notion of how to begin to cope.

The bereaved person then needs support which is fine if family and friends are close by but that is not always so. Telling the story over and over seems to be a necessary part of the grieving and acceptance process, a listener is a good healer.
I feel so sorry for those who do not believe in life after death because the idea that their dear one exists no longer is hard to bear. I had a teacher like that but she gradually began to change and with that change was able to move forward.

Shirley Burke


Train of Life Journey!

❤"Author unknown - Submitted by FJ"

Life is like a journey on a train... with its stations ... with changes of routes ... and with accidents!

At birth, we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believed they would always travel at our side.

However, at some station our parents step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone.

As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they are significant, i.e. siblings, friends, children, and even the love of our life.

Many step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others go so unnoticed that we don't realize that they vacated their seats!

This train ride is full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells.

Success consists of having a good relationship with all the passengers … requiring us to give the best of ourselves.

The mystery to everyone is:

We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down.

So, we must live in the best way - love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are.

It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty -- we leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

I wish you a joyful journey for the coming year on the train of life. Reap success and give lots of love.

Thank you for being one of the passengers on my train!

Thank God for the journey!

Living and Dying ~ BOOKS and Web Links

How to Survive Life (and Death):
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On Death and Dying 
by: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
by: Annie Kagan and Raymond Moody
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
by: Sogyal Rinpoche


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