~ Serendipity ~

This writing was triggered by a friend sending me information that contained information on Edgar Cayce that happened to have a bit on Larimar – the gemstone of Atlantis. I was urged to open a page and write.

Channeled information on Larimar:  

Larimar – A stone that brings Love, Purity, Blessings and transformational energy – A very powerful gift of the God’s. I feel that Larimar was first used by the High Priestess in Lemuria to heal and bring the divine energy with them from whence they came. Giving a close connection to the God’s and Goddess’s of the heavens and used to transform a feeling of loss into love and heal those that felt separated from their heavenly home. (That home I believe to be the Central Sun) I recall a life in Lemuria and may write about it on another page.

Lemurians in time became the Atlantians and power of the Larimar gem remains a healing and transformational gemstone. Used by the healers of Atlantis. Now this stone is mined in the Caribbean in an area where Atlantis fell. The Azure Blue and sea foam white of Larimar is at times difficult to find. If you happen to have one great! If by chance you find a Larimar gem, make sure it is with a reputable gem store.

~ Serendipity ~

From the beginning of time –

Those that walked the land of Atlantis were of two different types of creations. Some used the power of the crystals in the manner of evil and other used them for healing. This brought the most beautiful home of the Atlantians into division that destroyed Atlantis.  Bringing about the destruction and demise of the divided souls.

Many still reincarnate to heal the planet and the others to destroy it. Those working for the healing keep themselves hidden away from the negative forces that roam the earth. They are protected from by Great Central Sun and once they find their way back to its energy are given the ability to reach others through the endless work of selfless creation in histories they fight against the dark forces by bringing in the LIGHT.

These souls that are awakening in the twenty-first century have incarnated many times with most being implanted and returning almost instantly. (Implanted: Being brought back to take the place of another) These souls find they are different and constantly search for like minded souls that belong to the Atlantians, Crystal healing race.  They work day and night bringing forth the light and holding the energy that keeps the balance of the planet.

Needless to say, they often feel alone, very tired and are left wondering until that time when they are brought into the fold and reminded of what it is they are to do.

They learn more about healing and the power that is available to them, to do so. They teach through many avenues, speaking, writing, and they know how to use the mind for healing and become adept at telecommunication with their soul protectors.

They often have dreams of beautiful Islands surrounded by the most beautiful azure blue water and white sand. They search constantly to find their family, and when they do – it is known to each other. Most often they do not live near their Atlantian family members and this is when the telepathic communication comes in handy. When an Atlantian member is found, it seems to trigger an influx of dreams and memories when Atlantis was a great civilization on Earth.

If you are reading this and wondering if you are an Atlantian working here and have insane memories of how you returned – Fear not. It’s real and the older you get more clarity enters and you are given a strong connection into your task and abilities.

We Atlantians link through a network grid of energy. This web like grid covers the planet and if you ask, you will be taught how to use it. (The key is to ask) This information will be given most often in dream state. You may not even remember, but there you stand one day and see it all clearly. Wondering why it had taken such a long time to remember. Fear not that is just how it is. You have always been doing your work, even if you were not aware of it. You have always felt different and you attempted to hide it. Now it is time to acknowledge who you are and come to understand that a silent throng of Atlantians have always been with you. They have supported you and given you the opportunity to learn in each and every lifetime.

Have you ever wondered where you receive information from and how did you know something that you felt you should not know anything about. Well my fellow Atlantian, you come from the race of crystal healing Atlantians and it has always been with you. This encodement is in every cell and will always be with you.

Some may think this to be untrue. Perhaps they are not completely ready to accept it? Perhaps they have lost a link along the way? Or – perhaps they should not be reading this for they are not of this race. Yet if your body is tingling while reading this, your head feels so full of information you may think it will explode.  Think again! You are awakening to who you truly are and you will be remembering soon.

At this very moment there is a humming in my head, my body is vibrating and I really do not know who I am to send this writing to?  Or should I publish it on TheOrb? I can only believe it has a purpose for that is how The Central Sun and the High Council have been working with me. It is presented, then when needed it is sent to the one searching.

Date transmitted to me: June 15, 2014 time the transmission ended: 3:38 PM Atlantic time.

Well I published it on TheOrb under “Serendipity”



Foot Note: Next morning! Once again this early morning I was swimming in the Azure Blue / White Sea Foam Sea. Swimming effortlessly in the vast Ocean till my toe touched some sand. Yet, I was far away from the land. Next the tide was moving out and soon I was standing on the largest sand bar I had even stood on, and then it became as big as a mountain an island surrounded by my Azure Sea. Why? I asked myself – Why am I swimming, walking or running in this paradise? Perhaps it’s where my earthly body feels at home and the healing of this old body is renewed. I asked this question to my husband and then it became crystal clear to me . . .


In my dream state: I am swimming; walking and running were Atlantis lies in the bottom of this beautiful sea. I come to visit my home again and again! Here is where I energize; here lies all the found memories of the beginning of time from Lemuria to Atlantis my home on earth.”

I have been wondering about these dreams for a long time, now I know.  I am Blessed!

Lemurians in time became the Atlantians and the power of Larimar gem remains a healing and transformational gemstone.

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