Wilma Whispers Meditations


The ambiance for meditating is really important.  When meditating it is good to pick one spot in your home and/or garden that is designated to only meditate.  Some people like to light candles, burn incense, or soft music, or environmental sounds playing in the background.  If you are outside perhaps there is a waterfall you can hear, or birds chirping.  There are sounds in our lives that could distract us from our meditation, but it is wonderful to have those sounds be used to help us relax more and go into a deeper state of relaxation.
When beginning to meditate, it is wise to build a space in your mind that is the most beautiful place you have ever seen.  You can have anything you want there.  It preferably should be outside.  It could be a place you have been to that made you feel peaceful, or a place that you enjoyed a lot.  In this sacred place you can have the best of health, all of the wisdom you could ever want, or anything else that you desire to better your life can be found here. 
For the meditations in this website I will lead you to some of the special places that are within reach of your mind.  They are places where you can go to anytime you wish for guidance and direction.  I am sure that you will enjoy putting your private place together.  No one can touch you here.  No one can take this place away from you.  It is yours and yours alone. 


The following meditations are an example of how a person can take a break from their busy world for a few minutes.  It also can be embellished upon when you have the time to sit quietly for a while and explore these peaceful, healing, and rejuvenating places.  

  1. Inspire the inner YOU:
  2. Soothing Breaths:
  3. Your Special Gemstone:
  4. The Creative MIND:
  5. Enchanted Forest:
  6. The Brook:
  7. The Waterfall:
  8. A stroll in the garden:
  9. PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) 
  10. Meditation to start your day
  11. Relaxing Practice Yogic Method
  12. The Enchanted Garden of Peace
  13. The Rainbow Meditation
  14. The Doorway Meditation
  15. Simple things you can do to relieve stress
  16. Why use music for meditation?



Relax! Does your mind keep racing with this and that? Let's calm that restless mind. We will begin with putting our attention on the breath. Count slowly to 10 as you inhale. Hold your breath to the count of 10. Then exhale your breath to the count of 10. Relax and let go! Put your attention on the air you are breathing. Breathe normally through your nostrils no need to rush. Slow down, take your time.
When a thought comes to mind, put your at...tention back on your breath. Do this for a good few minutes. If you are having issues in your life it is important to allow a much more powerful part of yourself to come into play. Meditation can help you do this.  Drift slowly into your closet of stillness and quietude. Here, within you, is the peace you have always wanted. Create the most beautiful place you have ever seen for yourself. You can have anything and everything you have ever wanted here. See yourself doing what you love to do.

Personally, I chose places that are outdoors for my sacred space, where there are shade trees, a lake or the ocean. Build this place for yourself.

Off in the distance beyond the trees you see someone walking toward you. The person is familiar to you. It is a long lost friend you've wanted to meet up with for a very long time. The air around you is warm and soothing and you hold out your hand to greet your friend. As soon as your hands touch you begin to feel a love that you have never felt before. Allow your body and mind to drink in the love, and serenity of this place. You notice that you are feeling better, uplifted, and filled with an energy that is vitalizing. This energy feeds every cell of your body with its knowingness. You can feel the strength, and power of yourself here. There is no place on this earth that is as tranquil and filled with love as it is here. It is as vast as the oceans, yet you enjoy the feeling of it all. This is a profound discovery that calls to you to allow nothing but love into your life no matter what. Oh yes, things might pop up into your thoughts, but allow them to pass by and go on their way leaving you feeling better with each thought that enters. Take some time to bathe yourself in this energy. You deserve to be good to yourself. It is a pleasure you can enjoy each time you put your attention on your breath allowing these calming, yet powerful, soothing, and serene energies to blossom within you. Enjoy this blessing of love. This is truly who you are. 


Soothing Breaths

Do you find yourself upset at times?  Most of us do.  I invite you to please take a few moments to become more centered.

We humans get upset with other humans because we do not like the way they said or did something.  Even though we don't want to admit it, we all have the qualities we see in others that we don't like.  Then, it is said that Love resolves everything.  How can you even think of love when anger is all you feel?  Let’s take a look at this.  What can we do to get our attention off of the subject we are angry with first of all?  For me the first thing I think of is my breath.  Of course I would be breathing way to shallow and quickly, and my blood pressure would be all out of whack.  Breathing too fast also adds to the body's imbalance.
The first thing to do is put your attention on your breathing.  Examine it.  How are you breathing?  Is it very fast?  Can you feel your heart pumping?  Watch what your body is doing....chest rising and falling, heart beating very fast.  Put your attention on your nostrils.  That is where the first step in the process of breathing begins.  Feel the air coming into your nose and notice the temperature of it.  The air goes down to the lungs and as it does you can feel the air heat up.  When you exhale you feel the very hot air be released from your body through your nose.  Breathe normally and all the while keep watching your breathing for a few minutes.  You will begin to feel the air as it goes into the lungs become cooler and the air exhaled is also cooler.  Keep doing this and noticing the temperature of the air as you inhale and as you exhale. 
If you want to relax more continue watching your breath and begin counting from one to 10 as you inhale.  Hold your breath to the count of 10.  Then exhale to the count of ten.  Do this a few times.
Taking a few minutes to control your breathing is well worth it.  You just might find yourself feeling much better.

Your Special Gemstone:

Let’s move away from the busy world for a few moments.  Close your eyes and magically you find yourself in a room filled with the most beautiful gemstones you have ever seen.  Yes, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts and many different crystals surround you. 

There are so many brilliant colors and energies.  You are overwhelmed with their beauty and are uplifted just being in the room with these jewels.  Taking the time to walk around slowly admiring these beautiful gems and each table has a different type of gemstone on it.  You’re attracted to one of the stones and pick it up, and hold in your hands.  There are several stones that you do this with until you find the one that most suits your energy, feeling the vibration of the stone in your hands.  It feels so good, so clean, and so pure.  You have never felt anything like this in your life. 

You walk over to a comfortable looking seat, and sit with the gemstone you have chosen.  You find yourself closing your eyes and putting your attention on your breath.  In and out the breath goes.  Your breath slows down and you relax.  You feel as if this gemstone is actually looking inside of your body.  It finds things that are not in balance and balances them. You begin to feel the warmth radiate into your body and it refreshes you.  You begin to feel better, quieted down from all of the outside influences. 

You breathe deeply and find that you are quite relaxed now.  Your body is being renewed, and you sit and enjoy this wonderful feeling.  When you decide to open your eyes you feel refreshed, and ready to go back to being the creative person you are.  What is so special about the Gemstone Room is that every time you come here you may want to choose a different gem.  



 Thank you WW

I wish to thank Whisper Meditations, WW - for all the meditations, so easy to follow. The pureness of simplicity is empowering.  These meditations are written to insure ease of use and deliver what is needed to each person at this moment.  The Special Gemstone meditation speaks clearly to me for gems and crystals and pebbles have helped me many a time and are a part of my daily life always.

“The energy of gemstones of all shapes, sizes, colours, has the ability to align ones energy and assist in healing the Body, Mind and Spirit. Even a pebble that washes up onto the shore has energy to move mountains inside our Mind and Soul. Once you have attuned your energy to align with the gem that has chosen you, your personal relationship with this new energy will grow allowing for new adventures of discovery of self and a realization that all of creation has an energy field flowing outwards to touch and connect with all the energy in our universe.  We truly are ‘ONE’ in All That Is.” 




The Creative MIND

Do we know what power the mind really has? 

This is a short description of just a couple of things that the mind can do.  Today I am looking in my mind for the perfect me.  Let’s look inside of ourselves for that person. 

Please lead me to the space of peace, calm, stillness, and most of all Love.  Allow me to feed on the love of the Universe.  That place is within you and me.  It is all loving, all powerful, and is present everywhere.  Let’s journey to this place and see what really is here. 

What is inside of the mind? 

It is known that we humans only use about 10% of our brain.  With that being so, why is it that nothing is ever said about what the other 90% of the brain can do.  By exploring our consciousness it is possible to expand our thinking.  We have the ability to build a sanctuary within our mind and build the most beautiful place that is ours and ours alone.  This is your sanctuary that you may use your creativity to the fullest potential possible.  Use this vast space within you with confidence and the wisdom to promote good health.  Everything you could possibly want on the physical earth is here, right inside of you.  So, let’s be creative and put to use that large percentage of our brain that we don't use.  Experiment!  Find out who you really are. 



Enchanted Forest

And so we stroll in the early morning sun.  The air is crisp and damp.  You can smell the earthy smell of the dirt and the feel the crunchy autumn leaves beneath your feet.  The sun begins to shine through the trees and you can begin to feel its warmth.  Each one of the trees has a story to tell you about your life and how you can accomplish.  You see one tree in particular that seems to beckon you to go towards it.  There is a dry spot of grass by the tree so you sit to ponder.  The trees branches reach down and hold you in its branches.  It is as if you are in a cocoon.  You hear the inspiring words of the tree as you are held firmly, yet gently in its arms.  Shush....the words are spoken clearly yet quietly.  You can feel the inspiration welling up inside of you.  You are feeling so much better.  You have the strength to go forward now.  You have been given a new lease on life!  You are now ready to get up and walk forward with all of the confidence within your being, and look forward to a wonder filled day.



The Brook

I find myself sitting beside this beautiful edifice.  The building is very high and its roof begins in the center of the temple and drapes down and curls up at the edges.  There is a small bridge that goes across the brook that flows through the grounds.  It calls to you to go over to it.  Slowly, you stroll over to the bridge and look down over the rail into the water.  There are many fish swimming around and each is a different combination of colors.  So delightful and relaxing to look at.  It almost makes you want to go into the water.  If you wish to get wet you can feel the invitation given you by the fish.  They would enjoy the company.  Perhaps there is a mermaid?  If you have decided to go into the water that's great; or you can sit at the edge of the water and enjoy the scenery.  You can hear soft music playing in the distance.  It pulls at the strings of your heart and you feel love that you have never felt before.  You draw this love into every cell of your body.  The love soothes them, heals them, and rejuvenates them into the perfection they once were.  Linger here for as long as you wish.



The Waterfall:

You find yourself sitting on the edge of a crystal clear pond.  Water is springing out from the rocks high above your head.  You can't take your eyes off of the beautiful rock formations with vivid green plants growing out of them.  You feel the water as it touches your skin.  You get up and walk behind the waterfall and watch the water, and feel the droplets caress the top of your head. There is a bench that invites you to sit down.  As you sit and admire your surroundings you feel yourself drifting, relaxing, and your breathing slowing down.  There are sweet fragrances of the abundant tropical flowers.  There is soft music playing that carries your thoughts to the beginning of the rainbow of the rest of your life.  



A stroll in the garden:

Gently close your eyes and do something of your choice to relax your body.  Use the insides of the eyelids as a backdrop to visualize this meditation.  Finding yourself in a serene park by a bubbling brook, you can feel the soft, moist, green grass under your feet.  The garden is the most colorful you have ever seen.   Your eyes roam from one type of flower to another.  Standing very still you admire the perfection of each petal.  It is amazing how the flowers call to you to not only look at them, but entice you to smell them also.  Bend over and take hold of a flower, bring it to your nose and enjoy the pungent aroma.  Allow the air to go up through your nostrils and down into your lungs.  Ah, so relaxing, you are calm and serene enjoying this refreshing place. Come to this garden when you have a moment or two for a bit of a break from your busy day.



PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology)

Repairing the cells in your body. Yes it is possible.  Let's do a meditation to do just that. First take some time to relax your body either with breathing, head rotations, or another relaxation technique.

Gently close your eyes and go to your favorite place in your mind’s eye.  Enjoy your quiet time here for a while.  Take a few slow deep breaths and feel the oxygen feeding your body.  Remember that in this private place the possibilities are endless.  You discover that you are holding the key to good health within your consciousness.  You can see the perfect you standing very close to you.  You are amazed as you gaze at the perfect you.  You look great, younger, healthy, and filled with energy.  If there is anything in your body or mind that needs healed this perfect you knows what that is.  As you inhale and exhale you draw inside you your perfect body, and exhale that which is not perfect. Eventually your perfect body and you blend together into one. You might repeat the words my body is perfect, I am healthy, I feel great. Linger here and enjoy looking at, and becoming your most perfect self.  You can feel, and see the changes taking place.

When you are ready slowly return to the place you are at.  You can move your fingers, toes, and your body now.   You are now ready to go about your day.  Be sure to bring all of the good feelings back out with you.  



Meditation to start your day

Close your eyes gently.

Take nice slow deep breaths.

Feel the air go into your nostrils and go down into your lungs. (Do this three times.) 

Now put your attention inside your body and watch the lungs expand and contract. 
The lungs take the air into the body for life.  The clean air, oxygen, circulates throughout the body renewing, cleansing and refreshing it.  The oxygen touches every cell of your body.  As it does this it regenerates each and every cell to its perfection, healthy, and renewed.  The air flows easily from your lungs to your brain feeding every crevice. 

Memory becomes sharper, thoughts are productive, and you are feeling wonderful....relaxed, and calm as you look inside.  The oxygen feeds every cell in your body so that when you open your eyes you will be refreshed, nurtured, and relaxed too, ready to begin the rest of your day feeling wonderful having been good to yourself. 

Bring your attention now to the outside of your chest.  Again watching your chest rise and fall naturally.  You are feeling happy, rejuvenated, and ready to go about your day feeling refreshed and new. 

You can now open your eyes.



Relaxing Practice Yogic Method

When we meditate it is not only important to relax the mind, but it is just as important to relax the body also. 
And so....we will begin to relax the body with an ancient Yogic method.  Begin with the left foot, bringing the toes curled back towards the heel of the foot.  The count will be light, medium, heavy, meaning that you tighten those muscles a little at a time.  We will move up the body finding different muscles and learn to relax them, beginning with the left foot and right foot going up the body all the way up to the scalp.  Hold all of the muscles taught until you complete squeezing the muscles of the scalp.  Then release all of the muscles at once. 
First we will begin with gentle head rotations.
Take your head all the way back gently, with your eyes wide open.
As you bring your head forward begin to close your eyes until when your chin touches your chest, your eyes will be easily closed.
Do 3 head rotations to the left, and 3 head rotations to the right.  Do this gently because you don't want your muscles to cramp.
As you do this you will hear snaps and crackles and pops.  That is releasing tension in the neck area.
Bring your head back up to a normal looking ahead position, but keeping your eyes gently closed. 


We will move up the body from the feet to the scalp.

Bring your attention on your feet.  (Squeeze toes on both feet towards the heal) Light, medium, heavy-hold in the taught position.  
Left calf and right calf - (squeeze the muscles gently) light medium heavy hold. 
Left thigh, right thigh - light, medium, heavy, hold.
Left thigh, right thigh - light medium, heavy, and hold.

Left buttock/hip, right buttock/hip light, medium heavy, hold it 
Lower abdominal muscles - light, medium, heavy.  Continue holding all of the muscles in the taught position.

Upper abdominal muscles - light, medium, heavy, hold.
Left chest - right chest - light, medium, heavy, hold. 

Left side of the neck - right side of neck - bring the head down as close to your shoulder as possible.  Do not do it too tight at first - light, medium, heavy.

Lower jaw - (Clench teeth) light medium heavy, hold.
Left side of face, right side of face, light, medium, heavy, hold.
Forehead and scalp - light medium heavy, hold.

You are now holding all of the muscles in the taught position.

Release all of the muscles at one time.

Let go of that in your life which is not for your highest good.  Feel that which is best for you entering your body. 

Feel the blood circulate in your body feeding every cell, all of the muscles, bones, and organs with oxygen and food.
Sit for a while and allow yourself the pleasure of going to a favorite place in time and space to meditate, relax, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.
Be sure that you are fully awake before getting up.  Allow yourself a couple of minutes to come back into the room by slowly moving your fingers around, then your toes, arms, legs, and so on. 



The Enchanted Garden of Peace MEDITATION

After gently closing your eyes relax.  Take a few deep breaths move your awareness to a place called The Enchanted Garden of Peace. 
You find yourself standing on a hillside.  Looking to the right you see the beautiful blue ocean.  As you find yourself listening to the waves slapping against the shore, you also see that there are many dolphins, and whales breaching in the water.  Take a moment or two or three to enjoy this scene and the wonder of those animals.
Turn to the left when you have finished watching the whales and dolphins.  You see a beautiful, serene valley with a walking path lined on both sides with brilliantly colored flowers.  You find yourself in an immaculately manicured garden that immediately gets your attention.  The sun is shining brightly, the temperature is just right.  Take your time.  You may notice the pungent fragrance of your favorite flower.  You stroll along and you notice how very exquisite this place really is.  It is immaculate, and very well tended to.  There are many beautiful wood trees like Oak and Koa.  There is every type of flower one can imagine here along with comfortable, deep cushion chairs to sit in to ponder your thoughts.  You hear the birds singing their melodious songs.  You might even see a Master walking around this special place.  You may even want to talk with one of them.  Listen with your heart for a reply.
You can spend many hours exploring the many beautiful and fun things that are here like; water fountains, pools, carousels, swings, dancing water fountains of different colors, beautiful music, and green meadows as far as you can see.  Anything you wish to have here is here for you.  Just think about the thing you want and it appears. For instance, if you enjoy sailing you can do that here, and if you want to ride the ocean on the back of a dolphin you can do that too.  Take your time here as this is a remarkable location for healing the mind, body, and spirit.   You can come here as many times as you wish for as many years as you feel you would want to.  There is always something special waiting for only you.  




Sitting comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor is always a good beginning to a meditation.  Before reading further, why don't we take a few minutes to relax the body in some way?  Do whatever you feel most comfortable doing, whether it is a few breathing exercises or some yoga.  Whatever it is you should spend time with this part of things and not rush through.  Your body and mind will respond better to the meditation. 
In this meditation, we will focus on soothing our planet.  Planet Earth has been through some very rough times lately and calming, loving energies would be most welcome I am sure.
As we draw our attention inward to our mind's eye let's allow ourselves the pleasure of viewing our planet Earth from a not too far away outer space vantage point.....let's say we are almost where the moon is.  We look down upon the earth and notice that there are many jagged edges around her where she is in need of healing.  Keeping your eyes closed we look to the left and notice that there is a beautiful rainbow very close by.  The colors are vivid and shimmering.  We move toward the rainbow until we reach the center of it and can feel its magnificence and love.  Next, we see the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet colors, and dance into, and in between all of the colors.  You may be drawn to one particular color, it doesn't matter because it feels wonderful....just like we'd expect it to.  When we are finished dancing in the light we again focus on the planet Earth and share our energies with the planet.  The more we share the more we absorb of the beautiful rainbow.  The energies cool and soothe the planet and we see a change.  It is now a perfectly round sphere, emanating the color blue, and is shining brightly floating in space.
We have accomplished much in these few minutes of meditation.  You can come back here anytime and enjoy this space and tranquility.
Always be sure that you take a few minutes to come back into your body and into the room before you attempt to get up and go about the rest of your day/evening.



The Doorway

Before quieting the mind and body it is always wise to do some type of relaxation whether it be taking a few deep breaths, or taking a few minutes to listen to some relaxing music allowing the music to carry you to another dimension.
As you settle down in your comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor, take yourself to the most beautiful place you can imagine.  A place you may perhaps want to call heaven.  Enjoy the quietness, and serenity of this place, yet it is very much alive.  The vibrations in this place allow you to become still, calm, and quiet.  You have found yourself in the center of your universe, the center of your head if you will.  This is the magical place of healing the body, mind, and spirit.  You become quiet and listen to the small voice inside of you that gives you directions, and ideas, and thoughts about how you can live your life in the most harmonious way for you.  You are inside of a beautiful blue bubble that is filled with oxygen that is feeding your body.  It is also restoring each and every cell to remember its perfection.  This is the place where perfection lives.  Yes, this perfection is within you and you can access it.  Practice this method daily and you will see profound results in the healing of your mind and body.  Always for your highest good.



Simple things you can do to relieve stress

A few simple things that can be done in the workplace to relieve stress: 

  • Put a picture of a beautiful place on your desk.  Perhaps the picture is of the ocean or forest, mountains, or desert.  Allow the picture to take you there.  You can not only see it, but you can feel it.  What a wonderful way to take your mind away for a bit of a rest.  Watch how your demeanor changes.


  • Aromatherapy is awesome.  Bring a bouquet of flowers to work.  Stop what you are doing and look at the vibrant colors and enjoy their fragrances.  A scented sachet or a scented candle works great too.  Essential oils are wonderful for this too. (Be mindful of anyone that may be sensitive to aromas in the workplace)


  • Take a mindful moment to enjoy some of life's pleasures.  Enjoy the things that are around you, like the tranquility of freshly fallen snow, the sound of falling rain, or the warmth of the sun.


  • Some people like to carry a crystal with them or have one close by that they can pick up and hold.  You can rub it and as you do allow the crystal to take away your stress.


  • Take a bathroom break.  Actually, sit on the toilet, and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself.  Think of an attractive color.  Colors have different vibrations that can soothe you.
    Be aware of the thoughts that you are thinking.  Choose to be happy!



Why use music for meditation?

It is becoming common knowledge these days that listening to music does, in fact, have an effect on the human brain. Therefore it does affect the body.  This is a fascinating subject to talk about especially when music is used for healing, relaxing, or even energizing the body.  Each of us likes a different type of music.  So what one person likes another might find irritating.  I have learned that music written in the certain key can help a particular part of the body.  Fascinating stuff!  Perhaps you have already discovered the healing potential of music yourself.  Have you ever been very wound up or what you might call stressed?  If so have you ever put on calming, slow, soft music to quiet yourself?  The opposite is true also of course. For example, if you are sad, or melancholy, listening to cheery, fast-paced music can help lift your spirit in no time at all.

When one is learning to meditate music is a wonderful asset.  There are many types of music that are helpful.  There are some composers who specialize in writing music, especially for meditation.

So whatever your mood when you begin your meditation time you want to chose what you listen to carefully.  There are even environmental sounds recorded for this purpose where you can be surrounded by the sounds of waves at the ocean, birds chirping, or the sound of falling rain. Experiment. There is so much to chose from.  Have fun!