Forgiveness Ceremony

Forgive and Heal yourself

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A Brilliant Observation by: Fran Carey

Discovery of Self:

There is nothing standing in your way of finding out your true path of who you are.  Yet we find there is hesitation in our step when given that opportunity to look deeper into the mystery of whom we truly are.

Why do we do that?

The biggest factor is fear of finding out that you truly are responsible for all your actions and thoughts. WOW – that is a hard pill to swallow! Yet truth be known, when you search deep into the recesses of your mind you discover it to be so. Why? Why has it taken so many pit falls and disastrous relationships to motivate one to look deeper into the mystery of self? Now the question is . . . How can one unlock that door without fear? 


Believe in yourself and BE a part of each emotion that fills you.  Once you start this logical thinking of finding your true self, many things will happen. Many of these events will be opened to your daily life and they will trigger emotions that have been locked away in the depth of your emotional self so that you can deal with them in the NOW.  Releasing them with LOVE and perhaps using the forgiveness ceremony below.

Now you say:

How can I uncover this without feeling completely vulnerable to the side effects that caused me to suppress these emotions to begin with?

It will take courage and self determination to open your personal Pandora’s Box to take a second look at these events, feel the emotions, while at the same time you keep the flame of your Divine Self in the arms of your LOVE of self. Fill yourself up with the thought of how a parent loves their child, then how the Creator loves his/her creation. YES you are loved, and YES you are the child of your parent and YES you are the child of the Divine Power that Created ‘ALL that IS’. There is nothing standing in your way from becoming the true, loving, person that loves everyone, yet leaves that same love out of their own lives for self. LOVE is the answer to all the questions that have set the path of destruction by one’s own doing into becoming whole and perfect as seen by the Parents eye’s and the Divine God/dess’s LOVE for ‘YOU’.

There is not one person living having suppressed these emotions and battled that demon over and over that may wish to leave them deep within the soul memory. There is not one person that is willing to open these emotions willingly and they think what good will it do?

I say this:

The reason you may wish to unleash these demons from your soul memory . . . it will allow yourself the freedom to be just that ‘FREE’. Free from that hidden pain, free from the baggage that is carried within you that holds a lot of space in your heart and soul. Once these emotions are released and set free from ‘YOU’ it opens up the magic of self-LOVE and self-appreciation so that one can feel the bliss of life as it is meant to be felt.  

We are all ‘ONE’ in this fragmented world, we are but a small fragment of ‘All that IS’. However we are made with the very same particles of energy that created ‘OUR UNIVERSE’ therefore we have the right to feel complete, whole and blessed. 

Perhaps as you open each box; look into the depths of the pain – then take the time to perform the forgiveness ceremony.  Allowing this unwanted emotional release to dissipate and become whole within your body, mind and soul.


This is a sacred ceremony, please treat it as such.

Remember who you are!

 You are made in the image and likeness of God.

In your imagination look into the other person’s eyes, and with all the love you can feel and imagine say:

“In the name of God/Love, I absolutely and positively love and forgive you”. Then watch for a response from them.

Next say, “In the name of God/Love, I absolutely and positively love and forgive you and I thank you for this sacred experience”. Again watch for a response.

Then say “In the name of God/Love, I absolutely and positively love and forgive you and I bless your life” (and because we are co-creators of this experience), ”I apologize, forgive me, I love you.”

Now take the one that you have said these words to and hold them in your arms. They have something to tell you. Listen with your heart. Then tell them that they are free. “Go in peace, go in love, go in understanding, it is finished”.

Next, repeat the same ceremony with the “you” at the age that you experienced this while looking into your own eyes.

Then, ask if this other self will fuse with you so that you can both become more whole. Ask it to bring with it all the love, wisdom and understanding that it has gained by this experience. The other you will stand with their back to you and you will face their back. They will take one step backward and you will take one step forward. At that time inhale deeply and become whole. Then say “Welcome home”.

Editor's note:    This Forgiveness Ceremony is a gift to you from Alan Drew, Ontario, Canada.

Thank you Alan:  If you would like Alan to facilitate this ceremony over the phone you may reach him at 1-905-894-0123 to arrange an appointment.

Love and Blessings be with you always.


Hi Telsie,

I use Forgiveness Ceremony I learned from Alan. It has moved mountains for me. I have learned much from Alan and continue to learn things from him. I think it is great you have presented it on your website.  Helping the world one person at a time. 

Love and Light to you, Tim

Healing With Angles




A Brilliant Observation by: Fran Carey

The Fly!

           I was meditating on forgiveness. I know that in order for me to cleanse myself of disease it begins with forgiveness. Releasing. Letting go.  How can I forgive somebody in which I have a very, difficult time with in forgiving?  I asked God to help me, I asked his angels to help me, and I asked my father to help me. Just as I finished asking, a fly started to buzz around my personal space and it was distracting me and my train of thought. I felt myself drifting away from the meditation and focusing on the buzzing noise which was annoying me and my first thought was I must kill the fly in order to continue. Is that my first response I thought, to kill the fly, to end its life because of its effect on me? The fly is not aware of its effect on me and I thought who's the one with the problem? The fly has no thought processes on why it does what it does, has no ulterior motive to hurt me or annoy me, has no concept of the future or the past. The fly is just going about its business doing what it does in order to survive moment by moment, and here I sit annoyed by its sound and my first response is to kill it.

          I decided to give the fly some thought. I mean really, have I ever really thought about life from the flies’ point of view? Is he not a living entity? Regardless of how small he is or how I perceive a fly, disregarding him always as a pest unworthy of being around me. Because he's so tiny physically in comparison to me must I look at him as worthless and undeserving of love and compassion? And if that be the case, how small am I in the eyes of God and does He not look down upon me as something of worth to him? Since I am a part of God for God is in me and everything, is He not also in the fly? And is that fly not also a part of me for we all share life together?

          As I recall, I believe that was the time I began to love the fly. I realized that my annoyance with him was a problem that I had created not the innocent fly. I then wanted to set things straight between the fly and I and I asked the fly to forgive me for disregarding him and having the thought of killing him and I began to surround the fly with my love and compassion. Just as I did so, the fly came closer to me and landed on a shelf 6 inches from my eyes and in my amazement as I turned my face to inspect him more closely, he did not show any fear, in fact he turned his little body and his eyes were aligned with mine. Red wine with a golden outline was the color of his eyes. I thanked him for coming closer and giving me the opportunity to meet him. My eyes began to focus on his back and the stripes and the colors that encircled his body, silver and black and iridescent and I thought to myself I never realized how a fly looked so beautiful up close. How intricately the Angels have designed him for his job. And I inspected his wings, translucent gold and bronze, and as the light reflected on his translucent wings I could see all the colors of the rainbow in every segment of his little, tiny, perfect wings. I thought, how blessed this little fly is to carry so many beautiful colors and how amazed I was that he can carry so many beautiful colors in such a tiny little body. And as I gazed upon him further, to my amazement he began to turn and lift his head and show me every part of his body as if he knew I was inspecting him in awe. He then began to walk around in a very small circle sticking his little tongue out where he stood tasting things around him and looking for water just going about his business doing what flies do and my first thought was, what a disgusting job he has and I wanted to know, what is his true purpose? Just then, I knew what his purpose was, it was to clean up everybody else's mess and use that mess to sustain his own life. A true alchemist. 

          I realized how foolish I was and I was so thankful that the fly had shown me something so foolish about myself and that was that I never realized before how even a fly has purpose, and that even a fly has a right for passage through space and time. And if a fly has the God-given right of passage through space and time does not every living thing have that right as well? And if I could come to the realization that I needed to apologize to the fly and ask him for forgiveness, should I not be forgiving to others for aren't we all flies? Do we not all have purpose? Do we not all have a reason for our being here? Do we not all ask for forgiveness at one time or another and therefore do we not all need to be forgiven at one time or another? And if it is not me who is offering forgiveness and love who shall? And if I am asking for forgiveness, should I not be offering it freely to others?

          I don't view the fly as an enemy anymore that needs to be squashed and disregarded. I view the fly as a friend who taught me a very deep, humbling and important lesson in life. That I must forgive every being that has inadvertently or through his or her own unknowing, or through my own darkened perception has disrupted my passage through space and time for we are all reflections of each other and we are all flies. 

Thank you Fran, 

For me this was an amazing observation and right on point.  Thank you for allowing your observation to be published on TheOrb. 

Love and Blessings