Finding the TRUE YOU . . .

Finding the TRUE 'YOU'

As a spiritual Soul wondering this planet and feeling small and insignificant I searched for wisdom form others. Taking different spiritual courses and teachings, some that cost a lot of money, only to find in a short time they did nothing for this soul traveling upon this planet.

Wandering amongst like minded friends and strangers gave a feeling of being a part of something. Yet that was not enough to reach the ultimate goal I call “MY TRUTH & MY PATH”?  The truth that was eluding me was within me and not another’s truth that belonged to them.

Over the past few years my physical body was teaching me to be me and to find my truth and to learn how to make those adjustments that were needed for me to be able to heal my body and gain confidence in myself to keep my physical body and mind free from illness, pain  and destruction.

That was accomplished and now there is a need to assist others in finding their power, their true path that will bring all their needs to them.

Remembering; that as many Souls that live on this planet, that is how many pathways there are to find clarification and the ability to tap into the power that has always been there for everyone to use and find out who they are.  It is for each person to travel their true and personal path that will bring success towards a balanced and healthy life. There is no other that will heal you or lead you towards your highest intentions. The true ‘YOU’ is the only one that will bring this about.

From time to time we may choose to seek assistance from others. Perhaps during that connection a spark of your personal truth will filter into your mind that may lead toward a different direction of thought or an intuitive moment. By making the smallest adjustment within one’s mind set may bring the greatest changes towards success in finding what truly will work for ‘YOU’ and who ‘YOU’ are.

Everything in one’s life has been leading the way if one would choose to follow that information and let go and let the God/dess assist in the miracle of finding ‘WHO’ you truly are and what it is that you can give to yourself, allowing your light to help ‘YOU’.  With One Step, One breath, One drop of water, One stone to toss,and One life to live in this moment NOW. The KEY is within each Soul and the beauty is that there is only one perfect way to reach Soul Mastery and that is to follow your personal path completely. Do not attempt to be like others or take on the mantle of leaders, teachers or someone you have admired. Finding your ‘True YOU’ is done by being ‘YOU’ completely. Shedding the self-doubt and fear and allowing your personality to shine through the veil that has been hiding your personal truth from ‘YOU’.

Listen with your heart, see with your eyes closed, and feel with your gut instincts, while being ‘YOU’ at all times. Then you will know with each step you take - if it is the right one. Bring forth the confidence and courage to become the ultimate personality possible hidden within ‘YOU’.

May I introduce you to ‘YOU’, whom I love and respect, please see yourself perfect and whole as ‘YOU’ are seen in the eyes of your God the father and Goddess the mother. You are loved.

Love you always . . . TLC-Telsie


Video of Infinitesimal Beingness – TLC-Telsie
"Let the Power that created your body, Heal your body."

Treat Yourself

Mindfulness behavior elicits like-mindedness reactions.  Just as the ripples on a quiet pond effortlessly reach the other side and silently returns to the sender. May you continue to be blessed in all that you are and do.

Each morning before rising  . . . take a few moments to fill up with LOVE and HEALING energy.

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself for a few minutes every day by going within to your center the core center of who you truly are.  Think of a sound that is appealing and quieting, one that will elicit stillness within you.  Can be anything you wish, real or imaginary, something peaceful.

Now imagine that sound in your mind – breathe deeply - hold – exhale slowly – rest. Repeat that several times seeing yourself moving toward complete stillness this resting place is your center, the core center of ‘YOU’ and your truth.

Stay in this place for as long as your wish. When ready allow your mind to bring the ‘Pure Source Energy’ into every cell in your body. Give permission for the body to heal completely and notice how that feels.

Breathe that in, staying there for as long as you wish – Then when you are ready to place your awareness on your heart beat – feel your heart beat -  now hear that sound in your mind coming into full awareness of your body. Breathe into the heart, lungs, all your organs, bones, veins and skin.  Thank all of your body parts and their functions for they work for you every second of your life. Then slowly open your eyes and become aware of how you are feeling at this very moment.

Keep that thought planted in your mind and breathe that feeling into all that you are ‘YOU’.

Be thankful for the gift you have given yourself and send this feeling out into the earth’s energy and all of the creation.

With a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes, greet this beautiful day that you have prepared for with Love and Joy.



NOTE:  This simple meditation can also be used just before going to sleep. It relaxes the body and continues to promote a healthy body and mind.  Be mindful to always give thanks for all that has come to you and share this gift.


Find YOUR HEART, and you will find YOUR WAY.


             The greatest wisdom is found by living life freely.  A life filled with love, respect, gratitude, forgiveness and sharing is rich and filled with joy.  Life was never meant to be complex unless one has chosen it to make it so.  Our knowledge is encoded within our DNA and we may tap into that truth within self any time that we desire to know more.  All we have ever needed has been within. We have the Power and the ability to be more than what one thinks is possible. Once belief in self and understood the greatness that lies within our Soul Memory.  Then the ability to be more, to become more and Heal the Body completely occurs.   

            Remembering that we are human, that we have come to learn many things is also a curse of being in human form.  Therefore the human MIND must also overcome doubt and fear to achieve the greatest lesson we have to achieve.

My Soul speaks

            Be at peace, Be Love and allow yourself to discover who you are in the center of your heart and soul that has come to learn through life itself. Once you are at peace with that; life for you will change. Be the Light that you are unto many not only me – and reflect that Light back unto yourself at the same time.

            There is no rush to achieve it all - there is no time to start or finish - there is only this moment within YOU and YOU are the one that counts on this journey that you have chosen to follow. Once you can understand this, you will understand more and you will be the one that sets yourself free. YOU will fling the bondage that has trapped YOU over these many years. Then at that precise moment when you step into YOURSELF, YOU will see all things that fill this universe and more.

            My heart is your heart - my breath is your breath - My love is your love. Remember there is only the “ONE” nothing more and once discovered life changes. Remember there is no time limit - all time is NOW.

            I love you dearly my beloved self and I am with you for we are “ONE” in this creation of life that we have chosen to live through and experience.  And we have chosen to create these experiences for all to learn from within this simple truth. Once you are able to allow life to flow through you, around you and be a part of you there will be more to discover.

            Also remember - in the life of the “ONE” energy (spirit) we can only feel LOVE and BLISS - here we feel the yin and the yang the highs and the lows - it is the roller coaster ride of living on Earth that we wanted to feel and enjoy, like going to the fair!

            Forgive the Past - Love this Moment; for it is only in this moment that we are in.  And by being in this moment we are ONE.


This picture was taken from Thrive Movement they say (source unknown)

The Essence of Spirituality and 'YOU'

The essence of spirituality is one that allows the ‘MIND’ to be at ‘Oneness’ with all of the creation.  They are able to let go of judgments that create disharmony between beliefs, thus allowing each to experience their true path without battling negativity.

When one emanates with pure source energy with the true love vibration they are spiritually connected. They believe in the divine power that lives within all of the creation.  To fully understand ‘Spirituality’ one must become connected to this pure source energy and breathe it in with every breath. Then by letting that same breath return to source through creation, one finds they have become ‘1 with the one of All that IS’.

If one is truly a spiritual person, one would not do harm to another soul, living creature or creation.  Learning this can at times be difficult. However, when reached their mindfulness behavior elicits like-mindedness reactions.  Just as the ripples on a quiet pond effortlessly reach the other side and silently returns to the sender.  Believing that Source (or any of the other names given to the Divinity of the ONE) is sending these vibrational waves of energy to be used and that we, in turn, return it unchanged.  This complete oneness is the ultimate goal in our relationship with Divinity while living on this planet. Is it attainable? I believe yes, with practice and commitment to reach this place while we are still living. It may help if the focus can be given to the fact that we all breathe the same air and receive the divine energy; therefore we are not different from each other we have just been taught differently.


The picture below was taken from Thrive Movement (source unknown)

For me, this picture reminds me that the PURE SOURCE ENERGY is constantly flowing.

All we need to do is breathe it and use it for the highest good.


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