‘YOU’ are the ‘ONE’ you are waiting for . . .

"Let us remember we are a host to the SOUL that wishes to experience LIFE in the NOW."
TLC - Telsie Boese
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TheOrb is about sharing stories, positive energy and it is here for everyone. The information and healing comes from Divine Source assisting in the healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Quote: “None of us can choose our Destiny and none of us can escape it” Merlin

Why, I wondered why?

A beautiful note: Thank you M.M.

“One of the things my spiritual mentor taught me was that we always must strive to make wisdom accessible - and you are SO doing that. Congrats!” A kind person wrote that to me a short time ago, and I wanted to know more about the validity of these words of kindness. Most often feeling very humble and wondering why do I do what I do?

Why do I make information accessible to assist others in bringing forward the most powerful connection anyone can have between them and the Divine Power that created them?

For some reason, I have been gifted with the ability to receive information that flows effortlessly to me and this has never cost me a penny. The information that is received through my connection has proven to be valuable not only to myself but others as well. (Very much to my amazement)

During my early stages of life, I spent a lot of time searching for something that would bring about a strong connection toward that valid feeling that I had within me. Knowing that there was more that I needed to understand and learn. I studied with different teachers, taking many courses, some costing a lot of money while others not as much. However, these teaching have fallen short of being all that this soul was searching for. The program worked for awhile, yet in time was never enough, I needed more. Feeling that way; I continue to search for another teaching’s that may help me. Yet again it fell short of the mark and did not sustain the goal expected.

Why; I wondered why? What was I missing and what is it that I needed for myself to help me stay on track and have the confidence that would bring about the healing that was needed? The balance needed to feel well. How can this little soul help others if I can’t help or stay on a program that would assist in all manners of life?

Looking back:  When something stopped working, my belief was wishy-washy. Looking back over my life, fortunately for me, I could see in my memory that it was a lack of faith. It was the lack of a strong platform to sustain my belief upon. When I attempted to be like my teacher or fellow energy workers, modeling my life after them, wanting to be like them – that is when that belief would fail me. I saw many of my friends doing the same thing, over and over taking another course, then searching for another one soon after. Talented energy workers have come up with new teachings and giving new names to something that is as old as creation. What is it that is needed for everyone?

This is the simplest, humbling, message I can offer:

Be TRUE to yourself, look back on the successes in all areas of your life, and let the non-successful events teach you more. Finally bring the successes into your mind and build a strong foundation to stand upon.

Then search inside of your heart, find the “TRUE” link within “YOU” and connect to the Divinity of your understanding. Always give thanks for everything in your life. Remember to “ASK” for assistance from the Divine Power that Created YOU and be willing to accept the energy with LOVE and gratitude. Only then; will you be ready to create your life and become the best that you can be and give it wholeheartedly back for others to learn from. Give it with your LOVE, your HEART and as a GIFT to others. We are truly all ‘ONE’ within ‘ALL THAT IS’.

Namaste – TLC-Telsie  

NOTE: You may find that the names I use in my writings for the Divinity are different than yours. When you are reading replace my name with yours for the Divine God/dess. For me, names change as my faith and belief grew. This provided me with a stronger link and power to heal my body, mind, and spirit and it is working very well.

 Namaste, my love to you always, TLC-Telsie  


  Let the physical mind remember . . . The body is a temporary and fragile vehicle that plays host to the Soul. The Soul will always be an infinite being.

“In all that I am I am infinite possibilities, in my infinite possibilities I am All That IS”

          Do you know that loving yourself is not a selfish act? It is an honour to your Soul and You. That is when you will take care of your body, as it is the host for your Soul. When is the last time you looked into a mirror and said?

Daily Mantra:
My body is the HOLY Temple for my SOUL
All shall be in Divine Order
In all that I AM, I AM infinite possibilities
Only positive energy shall flow through me
TLC - Telsie

What is a gift and what is a treasure?

  • A gift is something given to another.
  • A treasure is knowing that person that gave you the gift.

Love you as you are and as you will be always . . .    May my heartfelt thoughts comfort you and keep you strong each and every day, life is also a treasure to be cherished.


                Moving through many experiences, some good others may not be that great. It is in our perception how we see each event. Everything collectively brings us to who we have become at this moment. Insights come to us; the question is . . .  What do we do with those thoughts or vision? Do we ponder that moment for some time, act upon it, or just dismiss it? These are the choice we all go through every minute of every day. Nothing will change that, events will continually occur. What may change for ‘YOU’ is how you react to events in your life. Learning more about how to feel, accept, take ownership of your life, empowers ‘YOU’ to learn more about yourself and make adjustments as to what is acceptable and what is not.

                    Perhaps building a strong belief system to support ‘YOU’ as you become more of what you wish to be and how you wish to be treated. Small steps, a bit of time for yourself to learn new ways of thinking that will empower the little you to become the ‘YOU’ that you have been searching for. 

Transformational Insights  . . .

                Moving through life we all transform into who we are at this moment. The World, our living ‘ORB’ also makes many changes through its own transformation and we are the custodians of ‘All That Is’. Perhaps you have been waiting for someone or something to save you, to heal you, to motivate you?

               What you may not have realized is this. . . ‘YOU’ are the ‘ONE’ you have been waiting for!

Once Understood - Clarity Enters

To those that I connect with and work with by supporting them there is something that needs to be understood. It is important to realize that the sender (the little “i” – me) does not send her own energy.

I ask for the pure source energy that comes from Divine Source = [that is the God/dess, I AM, Creator, and now for me “The High Council of The Central Sun”] to be sent to you.

I have been blessed with the ability to receive telepathic information to assist myself first, then others. However, the information is more for everyone to learn how to assist themselves to heal their body. TLC-Telsie only opens the pathway so that others may learn the process of balancing and healing the four bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

All my life, I liked to have names for those in the Spirit/Soul energy so that they could be acknowledged and that I could learn to recognize that energy source. Over my lifetime I have called upon God first, for that was the name learned through my family’s religion and temporarily mine.  As I grew and developed my belief the name for the Divine Source changed to provide a deeper connection between myself and the Divine Power. I called upon the following names during the growth and changes in my belief. They were Original Source, Creator, Yahweh, I AM, Goddess and even Hey You. Good news is, it did not matter what name I used, there was always an answer to my questions or healing for me.

Over the last month in 2013 to the first month in 2014 – my perception changed as I began to connect with The Central Sun. The Central Sun in some beliefs is the original beginning of our galaxy and in astronomy is known as The Center of the Galaxy. However, I am not an astronomer I am a spirit/soul and choose to call it (as do others) The Central Sun. From that point, it became clear that there was a name I could connect with “The High Council of The Central Sun”.

It was within that connection that I was given and received healing for myself as I had asked for.  Receiving large amounts of data in telepathic sending so that I could write about this information for others to read and begin their healing journey. There came a time in February 2014, when I wished to have a name of the energy that I was working with and was working with me. [Now I know they are spirit/souls that work with me. In spirit form that is what souls are – they are forms of energy and equally capable of assisting the living soul on our planet and beyond]

One night as I lay in bed sending and receiving and asking questions, one question was; can you give me a name of the energy that comes to me and assists in all that I do? [I also believe that we are all a part of the ONE – ONE Divine Source no matter what name] Asking that question again that I wished to have a name to call upon, [you will see the humor in this I am sure] I saw a hand with the index finger raised and then hear the words “of the ONE” = “1 of the ONE”. Seeing the humor in this I fell asleep chuckling to myself.



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